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Take the Lead With Hitachi Vantara’s Intelligent DataOps Platform for Faster Access To Better Data

Kimberly King Kimberly King
VP, Global Partner Strategy and Programs, Hitachi Vantara

August 20, 2021

According to IDC, only 2.5% of all corporate data collected today is actually getting analyzed. The remainder is “dark data” that is impossible to find or access and offers no business value to its owners. The problem of dark data will only escalate with the continued growth of multicloud infrastructure, which creates distributed data silos that make data access, ingestion, interpretation, deduplication, governance and security ever more difficult and expensive to manage. Clearly, transforming all of this data into business insights is becoming a business imperative. In fact, a 2020 survey by 451 Research found that nearly all respondents are planning (28%) or actively pursuing (72%) initiatives to deliver more agile and automated data management.

This is why Hitachi Vantara’s a Dannouncement of LumadataOps Suite v1.1 is so compelling and presents such an exciting opportunity. As an intelligent, open and modular DataOps platform, Hitachi’s Lumada DataOps Suite can turn your customers’ dark data into valuable insights by operationalizing data management with automation and collaboration. It can remove bottlenecks and minimize the end-to-end cycle time of data analytics, democratize access, lower the cost of data operations, and accelerate your customers’ data-driven business innovation. All of these capabilities lead them to better business outcomes.

The Industry-Leading Platform: Modular, Automated and Collaborative

Lumada DataOps Suite introduces an incredible opportunity to our partner ecosystem to be at the leading edge of the rapidly growing data management market with a DataOps solution that unites proven Hitachi technologies, AI, advanced analytics and data management on a single platform.

Lumada DataOps Suite v1.1 integrates Lumada Data Catalog v6.1 and Lumada Data Integration v1.2, and is built on a modern Kubernetes-based architecture for a scalable, flexible foundation that provides:

  • Dataflow scalability through a distributed cloud-native architecture.​
  • Multicloud deployment with a common control plane.
  • Self-service data preparation through catalog-initiated dataflows.​

When companies cannot successfully leverage their data growth and turn it into trusted, high-value information, they begin to lose their agility and fall behind. With Lumada DataOps Suite from Hitachi Vantara we can offer customers a single suite of integrated products that combines proven Hitachi technologies, AI, advanced analytics and data management capabilities.
– Michael Kienle, Managing Director, IT-Novum GmbH

Business Use Cases for Lumada DataOps Suite

Customers are transforming their business operations with Lumada DataOps Suite. Current business use cases include:

  • Elastic pipelines. Dynamically scale processing with a cloud-native architecture.
  • Consolidation of Pentaho technology. Combine multiple Pentaho instances into one.
  • Discovery and profiling. AI-driven data discovery and profiling.
  • Multicloud mobility. Avoid vendor lock-in with pipeline mobility across hybrid cloud.

High Performance Data Integration and Analytics With Pentaho Technology

Pentaho v9.2, a key element of this announcement, accelerates core to multicloud pipelines while improving performance. The key benefits included with this v9.2 release are:

  • Expand your customer’s public cloud choice from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google to the Microsoft Azure platform to accelerate projects while reducing cost and complexity.
  • Update and extend your customer’s data fabric across on-premises and cloud environments for seamless data management.
  • Identify bottlenecks to boost query performance and automate upgrades to lower maintenance costs.

An Unprecedented Catalog

Hitachi’s unique Lumada Data Catalog, integrated with Lumada DataOps Suite v1.1, has also been upgraded with this release to accelerate data discovery with advanced search capabilities, to govern and secure sensitive information and to prevent data clutter. Lumada Data Catalog v6.1 now offers:

  • Data rationalization, leveraging AI to remove duplicate copies and reduce the cost of data storage.
  • Parameterized and enriched data flows with pre-existing templates that recognize the data and push it to the appropriate cloud or data store, making it easier both to maintain and migrate customers between clouds.
  • The ability for your customers to profile their data on different clouds or gather it all on a single cloud, for a single analytics dashboard.

Other vendors are beginning to develop their own catalogs, but no one yet offers a single suite of integrated products that includes an augmented data catalog with profiling.

Join the DataOps Leader

In this era of machine learning (ML) and IoT, exploding data volumes, growing public cloud adoption, and a lack of cohesive multicloud data management, Hitachi Vantara is already emerging as the DataOps category leader. We have been recognized in the Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020 report as a Strong Performer in Enterprise Data Fabrics, and Hitachi has been named a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms. The opportunities for our partners have never been greater to:

  • Bring a leading-edge, cloud-agnostic, intelligent DataOps platform to the table.
  • Set the stage for easy upsell opportunities as the solution portfolio expands.
  • Penetrate and gain traction in the rapidly growing DataOps industry that spans multiple vertical markets, including finance and banking, healthcare, insurance and retail.
  • Grow your new public cloud migration opportunities.
  • Expand on your current Pentaho business and drive higher Lumada DataOps deal sizes.
  • Create an opportunity for service dollars beyond product installations with expertise in ETL development, data lake migration and data governance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage our unique and expanding data modernization portfolio and bring your customers to the leading edge of DataOps management. To help you gain traction quickly in this rapidly growing market ($3.4B with projected 10.5% CAGR), we are accelerating targeted strategic GTM resources and putting together a number of key enablement initiatives, including partner pricing and standard discounts, pricing training, the latest comprehensive product information and a partner marketing kit.

For more on all of this, be sure to watch our Partner Webinar Series #4: New Partner Connect Portal Features and Our New Lumada DataOps Suite for an introduction to the features and functionality of Lumada DataOps Suite v1.1. You can find this on demand on our Partner Connect portal’s webinar page.

To learn more, read the press release on the announcement and visit the Lumada DataOps Suite Solution Perspective page on the Partner Connect Portal.

Kimberly King is Global Vice President of Strategic Partners and Alliances at Hitachi Vantara.

Kimberly King

Kimberly King

Kimberly King is Senior Vice President, Strategic Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Vantara.