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Exprivia Enhances Product Offering With Pentaho








Expanded service to customers with better business intelligence tools.



Enhanced product offering by embedding Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform into their tools.


  • Streamlined access to data.
  • Improved sales.
  • Achieved better employee engagement.

Exprivia creates an OEM partnership with Hitachi Vantara to provide their customers with analytics.

The Challenge: Provide Customers With Better Insights

Exprivia is a global information, communication and technology (ICT) company, which started in Italy in 1983.

The new sales data management platform will help our client improve its sales. The success of the project has cemented our relationship with a long-term client and creates future opportunities for Exprivia.

– Marco Mameli, Delivery Manager, Exprivia

The 1,800-strong organization works with high-profile clients across countries and industries to help them leverage innovative digital solutions that address their challenges and transform their businesses.

In 2015, Exprivia was approached by one of its long-term customers, the Italian branch of a multibillion-dollar global consumer brand company, to help it improve how it managed sales data. “The client came to us as we were an existing partner and already understood its business,” says Marco Mameli, Delivery Manager at Exprivia.

Following a company-wide effort to centralize its business systems, the client was closing down its onsite enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and needed help to ensure that sales teams could still access the data they need.

Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics

Exprivia established an agreement where Hitachi Vantara would provide Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics, through an OEM partnership.

This resulted in a sales data management solution, known as Sales Better Extension, for the client based on Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform.

“We selected the Pentaho solutions for their feature-rich capabilities and flexibility,” explains Mameli. “As Pentaho offers the most advanced and tactical tools on the market, we knew we could improve on the customer’s previous solution.”

The cloud-based architecture designed by Exprivia uses Linux servers, a MySQL database and the Pentaho solutions for data integration and analysis.

Using Hitachi Vantara’s technology, the platform collates data from a variety of sources, including Excel spreadsheets, CSV files containing customer information, product lists, CRM, financial data and databases. This data is initially submitted by field sales agents and their managers. Once submitted, the data is integrated with customer and product information from the client’s CRM system.

In total, three years’ worth of data, and 30 million records, is accessible via Exprivia’s solution, which went live in June 2017. Using Pentaho’s CTools to control the data flow, Exprivia can ensure the integrity and accuracy of data for the client and provide different interfaces for users depending on their role. For example, managers can set sales targets, and when agents input their sales data, that data is then verified against other sources.

The Outcome: Better Analytics Leads to Improved Sales

The new sales data management platform from Exprivia, which is aligned with its goals for centralized IT systems, helps clients manage their sales operations more effectively.

Using the solution, Exprivia’s customers can:

  • Access and manage sales data more effectively.
  • Boost sales with better information.
  • Enhance sales staff engagement, motivation and satisfaction.

With its successful solution built on Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform, Exprivia has been able to demonstrate its expertise, skills and commitment to a valued client. The ICT company now hopes to sell the solution on to other clients who face similar challenges. Their customers will be able to increase sales when their data is consolidated and accurate.

“The success of the project has cemented our relationship with a long-term client, and creates future opportunities for Exprivia,” says Mameli. “These factors will help boost our reputation and our competitive advantage.”

Exprivia’s Sales Better Extension tool has enabled the company’s customers to understand their data better and, in the end, to improve their sales.

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