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Cloud Migration Services From Hitachi Vantara Ensure Availability by Migrating Knolskape Infrastructure to Amazon Web Services



Workforce Talent Management


Cloud Migration Services From Hitachi Vantara



Support 5,000+ concurrent users with production level workloads and enable biweekly production upgrades that require zero downtime.



Migrate development, staging and production workloads from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services with Amazon Elastic Container Service.


  • Support for 5,000 concurrent users.
  • 99.8% application availability.
  • Auto infrastructure scaling.
Solution delivers automated workloads operating with zero downtime and 99% availability.

Zero-downtime migration supercharges infrastructure for workforce talent management company, ensuring that users have access to immersive and experiential solutions when they need it.

The Challenge

Workforce talent management company Knolskape creates experiential solutions that transform organizations into a modern workforce.

To better support its delivery of immersive and experiential solutions for talent assessment, development and engagement, Knolskape sought to migrate related applications to a more efficient infrastructure.

The company determined its best approach would be to migrate its development, staging and production infrastructure and applications, currently on Kubernetes hosted on Microsoft Azure, to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Knolskape expected the deployment to scale and support 5,000 concurrent users with optimal availability, and the upgrade to be supported with zero downtime.

Knolskape selected Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara to enable the migration because of the team’s deep expertise in DevOps and AWS migration, which were the driving factors in this project’s implementation. Knolskape also appreciated the company’s secure, reliable and costeffective approach to solution delivery (see Figure 1).

The Solution

The Cloud Migration Services team designed the infrastructure required to host Knolskape’s applications using AWS with ECS cluster (see Figure 2). The ECS cluster was built using the AWS spot fleet to get the cost benefit of the spot pricing. The spot fleet also includes 30% capacity that is provisioned using the on-demand instances, to avoid any disruption if any spot instances get reclaimed. Further, a spot termination detection script was added on the ECS cluster nodes. This script marked the ECS nodes in draining state if the spot was set for termination.

The services deployed were the stateless services, and the application states were cached into the AWS ElastiCache for Redis cluster. ElastiCache, a fully managed in-memory data store and cache service by AWS, uses Redis to enable blazing-fast speed.

The database used in the solution was AWS Aurora relational database.

Autoscaling for the entire application was set at two levels:

1. Service auto scaling adds more containers when the threshold is breached.

2. ECS spot fleet auto scaling adds more spot instances to the ECS cluster farm for additional capacity.

And, finally, the solution team used Terraform to automate deployment.

The Benefits

The Cloud Migration Services team was able to deliver the following solution benefits to Knolskape:

  • Easy container orchestration and management (as compared to Kubernetes, which was used by Knolskape).
  • Out-of-the-box cluster monitoring dashboard.
  • Highly scalable: Supports 5,000 concurrent users.
  • Application availability is 99.8%.
  • Zero downtime during upgrade.
  • Environment autoscales infrastructure based on current user load.

About Knolskape

Knolskape creates experiential solutions that transform an organization into a modern workforce. With a core belief that desired business outcomes are achieved best with an engaged workforce, Knolskape develops engaging, immersive and experiential solutions for talent assessment, development and engagement.

About Hitachi Vantara

Your data is the key to new revenue, better customer experiences and lower costs. With technology and expertise, Hitachi Vantara drives data to meaningful outcomes.


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