Multinational Telecom Company Improves Customer Experience With Help From Alexa

Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara, Designed the Solution With Security in Mind

Challenge: Improve the speed and quality of customer service interactions for a multinational telecommunications company’s vast global clientele.

Solution: Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara leveraged Amazon Alexa to create a more efficient but personalized customer experience for the global clientele of a large telecommunications provider.


  • Enhanced customer interactions.
  • Cost savings related to managing and maintaining customer support service.
  • Improved feedback collection mechanism.
  • Ability to run 24/7.
  • Scalability.

The Challenge

The multinational telecom company seeking to improve customer service owns and operates telecom networks in 26 countries, predominantly in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. It also provides IT and other solutions to corporate clients across the globe.

The company wanted to improve the speed and quality of interactions with its subscriber base (see Figure 1). Customer support has traditionally been a labor and cost-intensive service with an impersonal, mechanized interactive voice response (IVR). Because every subscriber must interact with the company somewhat regularly, a telecommunications company that can leverage a more efficient and personal touch will have a competitive edge.

Multinational Telecom Company

Multinational Telecom Company

Improve the speed and quality of interactions with its subscriber base

The Solution

By using technology to enhance the customer experience, the multinational telecom company saved on execution costs, and the resulting solution improved the customer experience by removing mechanized components. Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara proposed a solution based on three key points, as shown in Figure 2: Amazon Web Services Alexa service, security and intent fulfilment.

As part of the solution, the Alexa service created a new Alexa skill that focuses on “region-specific subscriber interactions.” Questions that particular subscribers ask were analyzed and converted into “intents” (actionable requests) and “utterances.” This approach allowed the subscribers to interact with Alexa and get their questions answered quickly. While it is important to frame the right set of subscriber concerns, a “fall-back intent” helped subscribers proceed with their interactions, which constitutes an important aspect of Alexa skill development.

The Three-Pronged Solution

The Cloud Migration Services team designed the system with security in mind so that each Intent fulfilment is required to pass through authentication. The team filtered the data requested by subscribers through multiple layers, and constructed a final response, which was then sent back to the subscriber. During the interaction, the subscriber could request additional information at any time, with ease. Common interactions include:

  • Billing Details
    Subscribers requested information around current billing cycles, amount due, and current and previous bill amounts
  • Data Usage
    Subscribers sought current usage and available data limits.
  • Plan Details
    Subscribers had questions around plan details, such as name, activation date and so forth.

AWS Services Used

The solution team used the following Amazon Web Services offerings:

  • Alexa
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • CloudWatch

Business Benefits

After the solution provided by the Cloud Migration Services from the multinational telecom company realized the benefits shown in Figure 3.

Benefits for Customers and Business


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