Restaurants Seize Opportunities With Paytronix

Case Study

Challenge: Paytronix provides innovative gift, loyalty and email solutions for over 200 restaurant chains in over 800 locations.

Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics, and professional services.


  • Improved reporting and analysis, providing insight into customer programs.
  • Reduced ETL process time by 80%, improving efficiency and lowering costs.
  • With guest view, enabled exploration of data that was previously cost-prohibitive.

Integrate data from more than 8,000 restaurants and provide dashboards and reporting for improved customer insights.

The Challenge: Integrate and Blend Big Data to Deliver Value to Restaurants

Paytronix's loyalty and rewards programs software assists thousands of different restaurants. With terabytes of valuable restaurant and guest data in its system, Paytronix wanted to provide clients with deeper analysis capabilities to help them optimize their customer loyalty programs.

The key factor here is the ability to integrate Paytronix's different types and sources of data. Paytronix needed to extract, transform, load and store data more quickly and efficiently. With a new data warehouse, Paytronix could provide better, real-time analysis.

With more user-friendly dashboards and reporting tools, Paytronix could provide its customers with a clearer picture of guest behavior. To achieve more accurate snapshots of how Paytronix customers' restaurants were operating, they needed to improve existing tools.

Paytronix needed a solution that would not require creating an entirely new software program, and would not raise costs. They needed a synergistic solution that would integrate into their existing infrastructure but also be cost-effective. Paytronix implemented Hitachi Vantara's Data Management and Analytics platform, taking advantage of the power of data integration and analytics tools.

With Paytronix Data Insights, the Pentaho tools and our proprietary algorithms, customers experience an 80% reduction in ETL processing time, resulting in a self-service and cost-effective experience.
– Andrew Robbins, President, Paytronix

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho Data Integration helped to facilitate Paytronix Data Insights and provide extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from many different locations and sources.

Pentaho Business Analytics identifies patterns that precipitate discounts, limited-time offers and visitors who will buy without an offer. Data visualizations are used to discover patterns and identify opportunities for merchants.

Pentaho concierge services created an OEM strategy that allowed Paytronix to embed Pentaho into Data Insights in less than two months.

The Outcome: Data-Informed Decisions, Quicker Time to Market

Paytronix rolled out its new Data Insights program to highlight three key improvements offered to their merchants. These highlighted the ability to dive deeper into guest data to identify actionable opportunities for driving visits and spending; the option of capturing data from a variety of sources beyond loyalty and gift programs, including social media; and a visual interpretation of the data that enables end users to quickly uncover noteworthy trends.

The Paytronix streamlined ETL capabilities provided an 80% reduction in data processing time, improving both efficiency and saving money for its customers. By using the new reporting capabilities and dashboards, Paytronix customers can explore new types of data previously unavailable due to the difficulty of data capture.

Restaurateurs using Paytronix's improved software can identify trends – such as a steep increase in guest enrollment using mobile apps, for example – so that they can shift marketing priorities to quickly capitalize on opportunities. In addition, restaurants can identify poorly performing stores in time to adjust operational issues for optimal program performance. In turn, this has empowered Paytronix's customers and improved their competitiveness.

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