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Beyond Boundaries: Generative AI and Machine Learning with Hitachi Hybrid Cloud

Jason Hardy, CTO - AI, Hitachi Vantara | David A. Chapa, Strategic Marketing for AI/ML, Hitachi Vantara

March 20, 2024 | 04.00 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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Some have called the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence the most revolutionary technology seen in four decades, placing it on par with such disruptive technology as the graphical user interface publicly introduced in the 1981, the mobile phone in 1983, and the internet publicly available in 1993. In our fifth episode of our series, “Beyond Boundaries,” our speakers will discuss how a branch of AI called Generative AI is being deployed today, how this innovation is being leveraged as a competitive advantage, and what are some of the guiding principles to consider when implementing your Generative AI solution. Attendees will learn: • Who are the major players in the Generative AI market landscape, and what it means to organizations that adopt AI driven business strategies. • What are the common barriers and pitfalls to AI success to be aware of when implementing your solution. • How to jumpstart your AI initiative and what are the top considerations for your initial investment.