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Beyond Boundaries: Simplifying Hybrid Multicloud for Flexibility and Security

Paul Morrissey, Director Product Management, Hitachi Vantara | Dinesh Singh, Director Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara

January 24, 2024 | 05.00 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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Dive into the realm of Multicloud in the third Beyond Boundaries Hybrid Cloud Webinar. Hybrid Multicloud architecture - spanning across data centers, edge, and public clouds - enables customers to optimize IT costs and service levels. Best-fit architectures are suited to address both edge location-specific workloads and public cloud workloads, with access to specific cloud services. In addition to this, the desire is a simple consistent operational experience across automation, policies, data services and security across that hybrid cloud architecture. Join this session to learn how to harness and combine the power of resources and data services with Hitachi and hyperscalers Microsoft Azure and Google Distributed Cloud while delivering that consistent operational experience.