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Orchestrating Operational Resilience in Financial Services

Virginie O’Shea, Firebrand Research, Mark Katz, Hitachi Vantara, Jeff Lundberg, Hitachi Vantara, Petter Sveum, Veritas

March 07, 2024 | 05.07 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

In this webinar, we invite IT security, risk, compliance and audit professionals to explore the critical landscape of operational resilience in banking and financial services. Amidst the global deluge of incoming requirements, evolving challenges, and dynamic risks facing our industry, it is imperative to establish robust frameworks that ensure sustained operational continuity. This session is designed to provide actionable steps for enhancing adaptability and preparedness, empowering financial organizations to not only weather uncertainties but also thrive in a landscape of perpetual change. Learning Objectives: •Uncover Regulatory Accountability: Explore the distinct challenges in the highly regulated financial sector, where internal auditors hold personal accountability for regulatory outcomes. •Compliance in a Changing Landscape: Learn about a multi-layered technological approach for issue resolution and compliance with regulations such as NIST and DORA. •Cyber Resilience Unveiled: Delve into specialized cyber resilience, readiness, and recovery strategies, highlighting the pivotal role of technology for operational resilience. •Financial Application Realities: Examine operational nuances in financial applications, emphasizing the severe consequences of downtime and service failures, including material losses and trust erosion. •Human Element in Focus: Delve into the critical role of internal auditors in maintaining a zero-tolerance approach for failure and personal responsibility in regulatory compliance. •Trust meets Technology: Connect trust and technology solutions, emphasizing tangible impacts on customer experience and business.