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Securing State and Local Governments: Building Cyber Resilience

Dan Lohrmann (Sr. Fellow of Government Technology), Jeff Lundberg (Principal Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara)

April 19, 2024 | 03.00 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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We're in an era of unprecedented digital interconnectedness. This new connected landscape has helped governments make major advances in service delivery and constituent experiences; it's also shined light on a clear need for comprehensive cybersecurity preparedness. According to the latest study from the National Association of State CIOs, 50% of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) report outdated technology as their biggest hurdle in addressing cybersecurity concerns. Nearly 70% of state CISOs rate the maturity of their data management governance as in the beginning stages, and over 60% of CISOs report gaps in staff competencies as a major barrier to addressing cybersecurity challenges. These statistics paint a concerning picture, but there are actionable strategies agencies can implement to safeguard against cyber threats and ensure operational continuity. Join Government Technology and Hitachi for a webinar where our panel of industry experts will discuss proactive steps state and local governments can take towards enhancing operational resilience. What We'll Discuss: • Understanding Cyberattack Impact: Learn how cyber threats affect state and local governments and discover critical steps to strengthen defenses. • Preparing for and Recovering from Cyberattacks: Explore actionable strategies to prepare for and recover from cyber incidents, minimizing disruption to services. • Assessing Cybersecurity Posture: Gain insights into assessing your organization's cybersecurity, empowering you to mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance resilience