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The Industrial Metaverse is built on a Strong Data Fabric

Steven Garbrecht, Director Industrial DataOps - Hitachi Vantara | Kevin O'Donovan, Technology Evangelist - IIot World

October 27, 2022 | 08.12 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

The pursuit of business insights is a central focus of the enterprise. More than a natural resource, data is fueling strategic decision-making and, as a result, the future of business. Discover why The Industrial Metaverse is built on a solid data fabric and how to get there. The use case examples are built on a strong Industrial DataOps infrastructure and a data fabric that allows the integration, storage, cleaning, curation, and governance of data at the edge, core, and cloud levels. Some of the Industrial/Business Metaverse use cases that will be covered during the panel are: 1. Product design and engineering 2. Hands-on training 3. Employee onboarding 4. Virtual services for hands-on work