What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

In this interview, you will find out about the following: 1. Background information about the interviewees 2. What is it that keeps Hitachi Vantara’s customers coming back? What does Hitachi Vantara have, or do, that is resonating? 3. What are Hitachi Vantara’s customers asking these days/in current times? What sorts of problems do Hitachi Vantara’s customers seek solutions for? Examples of recent engagements: the outcomes desired, solutions, what worked, etc. 4. What’re the most obvious IIoT trends? Is it sustainability? Automation? Video-based analytics? What else? 5. What does NOT work? Are there any notable “gotchas” that have guided how Hitachi Vantara approaches current and future problem-solving?