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The State of Digital Manufacturing Today - What you Need to Know

Shamik Mehta, Director of Industry Solutions Marketing; Shyamal Munshi, Digital Solution Lead; Hitachi Vantara

October 26, 2021 | 02.28 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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The last several years have seen an unprecedented increase in manufacturing digitalization. Companies have shifted to newer, more remote-friendly environments and processes almost overnight. The big question now is: How have industrial manufacturing and related industries adapted, and what are the next steps for your business? To begin to create a framework for manufacturers, IndustryWeek and Hitachi Vantara surveyed manufacturing leaders to benchmark their digital transformation progress and uncover patterns among key activities within their value chains, such as production processes, resource challenges, and readiness for digital transformation.In this webinar, we will share our insights and you will learn how digital manufacturing can help you: - Capture industrial data for actionable insights that enable operational excellence - Promote resilience through proactive asset management and maintenance - Streamline processes to deliver cost-effective and personalized customer experiences - Mitigate risks and future-proofing your business against disruptions Join Shyamal Munshi and Shamik Mehta, Hitachi Manufacturing Experts, for a pragmatic discussion that will show how change can be managed effectively and used to gain a competitive business advantage.