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Using AI-powered Manufacturing Solutions to Optimize Production & Supply Chains

Jose Marques and Phani Bhushan, Ph.D. - Hitachi Vantara | Praveen Rao - AWS | Patrick Daly - Moderator

September 23, 2022 | 12.19 AM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

Attaining optimum manufacturing outcomes requires a high amount of precision in multiple areas. A typical manufacturing facility is often a complex mix in a heterogeneous environment of physical assets and systems from different vendors, varying workforce skill sets and experience levels, complex supply chains, and more. Interconnectivity problems between myriad software systems and controllers can make it challenging to gain actionable and timely insights from the flood of data that is generated on a typical plant floor. A key enabler for production optimization requires implementing versatile data-driven solutions that can be easily customized for multiple personas – from the production floor worker to the executive boardroom. Hitachi and Amazon Web Services have partnered to solve these challenges by quickly producing insights around machine status, production, quality, asset management and supply chains using AI-powered manufacturing solutions that run on AWS-native services. Join this panel of experts as they discuss their findings and experiences from implementing real-world use cases and successful joint engagements. Key Topics: • The importance of co-innovating to develop new AI-powered manufacturing solutions to optimize production & supply chains • Accelerating Digital Industrial Transformation using AI-enabled industrial analytics • Best practices evolved out of their successful joint engagements