What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

Businesses in every sector need to build new revenue streams and create better customer experiences while reducing cost. Hitachi Vantara understands these critical priorities. We’re helping customers discover, manage, analyze and mobilize the data they need to drive intelligent innovation and achieve better business outcomes. Following the launch of Hitachi Vantara last year, we’d like to take the time to help provide an overview of our vision and roadmap. Data has defined the story of Hitachi Vantara. We exist to help enterprises create and derive value from their data. From the data center to powerful analytics engines and the internet of things, we work with customers to deliver better business outcomes, driven by data. We will talk through data center modernization, analytics and insights, and the possibilities unleashed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. But most of all, we will review a shared vision: a new chapter in the story of success we have written together. It’s a story written in data, your most precious asset. Together, we can turn your data into a perpetual source of growing value, driving growth, transformation, and innovation. Data is Your Story. Because it’s our story too.