On-Demand Webinar

Technology Deep Dive: Leveraging Supply Chain Data

Owen Keates, Specialized Services | Dallas Gibb, Supply Chain Management | Alberto Corti, Solutions Architect
  • recorded | 03/28/2022
  • Webinar

Learn how to use your supply chain data to push beyond visibility challenges and gain powerful insights to help manage disruption.For many global organizations, world events have exposed a great need to strengthen supply chain resiliency. Even as businesses reopen their doors, the day-to-day challenges faced by supply chain and fulfillment leaders were quickly amplified by sudden fluctuations in supply and demand and a series of unexpected disruptions. The need to capture real-time insights to manage and mitigate these has now become critical.In this Deep Dive discussion around Hitachi’s Track and Trace digital solution, view a live demo of a real use case and take the first step to learning how to manage your inventory more effectively. Attendees can expect to learn:- How Track-and-Trace enables collaboration across teams and trading associates and preserves organizational knowledge to improve and accelerate decision-making and outcomes- New ways to offer advanced shipping notifications, delivery data, and track-and-trace information, providing greater visibility into logistics- New ways of optimizing supply operations to achieve cost-saving goals