Enterprise Infrastructure for GenAI Success

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Foundation First. GenAI Second.

Enterprises have jumped on the GenAI bandwagon. But according to a study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) sponsored by Hitachi Vantara, most lack the infrastructure or policies to realize success.


say data quality needs to be addressed before accepting GenAI outputs.

Enterprise Infrastructure: The Unsung Hero

The transformative potential of GenAI is limitless. Yet significant challenges, such as ensuring data quality and accuracy, remain. Being ready demands a robust, scalable and secure infrastructure foundation.

Building a foundation for GenAI success is critical

Despite unbridled enthusiasm, a study among +800 respondents reveals significant challenges to achieving GenAI success. And it all starts with infrastructure.


of organization surveyed with GenAI currently in flight view it as a top-five priority.


believe their infrastructure and data ecosystem is well prepared for implementation.


have well-defined, comprehensive policies governing the use of GenAI.

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