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Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Interpreter

Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Interpreter is a z/OS (mainframe) operating system enablement utility that interprets SMF Records produced by Hitachi mainframe analytics recorder.
The mainframe-related Hitachi storage metrics interpreted from those SMF Records are used to construct corresponding Comma-Separated Value (CSV) Records. These CSV Records can be analyzed using Microsoft Excel or any other application that is able to read CSV Records.

Mainframe Analytics Interpreter will benefit any Hitachi Vantara mainframe customer with a need to interpret and analyze SMF records generated by mainframe analytics recorder.

Partners and customers can download Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Interpreter from Support Connect.

  1. Log in to Support Connect and click the Downloads tab under Quick Links.
  2. On the Software Download tab, select MF Analytics Interpreter.

As mentioned in the previous section, "How do I download Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Interpreter?", the product can be downloaded from Support Connect. The installation procedure is in Chapter 1 of the Hitachi Mainframe Analytics Interpreter User Guide, available on Knowledge.

Mainframe Analytics Interpreter is compatible with mainframe analytics recorder v9.1.0 or later.

 If you encounter issues using the utility, contact the Global Support Center (GSC) for assistance.


This is likely caused by processing MPRANK20 (Subtype 6) MAR SMF records. Each MPRANK20 record can produce 1000+ CSV records. To resolve this issue:

  • Eliminate Subtype 6 record processing by specifying SUBTYPE='(1:5,7)'
  • Reduce Subtype 6 processing by specifying PROCMAX6='n'. This will cause Mainframe Analytics Interpreter to process only n Subtype 6 records.

Use RPTEACH to limit the messages by reporting only every nth MAR SMF record, such as RPTEACH='100' will report only every 100th record.