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DataStax and Pentaho Jointly Deliver Complete Analytics Solution for Apache Cassandra

February 28, 2012

Pentaho and DataStax announce strategic partnership delivering the first complete Apache Cassandra-based big data analytics solution to the market

February 28, 2012, Santa Clara, CA — Pentaho Corporation, delivering the future of business analytics, and DataStax, the commercial leader in big data solutions based on Apache Cassandra™, today announced they have entered into a strategic relationship delivering native integration between Pentaho Kettle and Cassandra. DataStax is the first NoSQL database provider to integrate all features and components of Pentaho Kettle, instantly weaving Cassandra into the broader fabric of relational databases, analytic databases, Hadoop, and other NoSQL databases.

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Pentaho and DataStax will offer the first Cassandra-based big data analytics solution that combines the highly scalable, low-latency performance of Cassandra with Kettle’s visual interface for high-performance data extract, transformation and load, as well as integrated reporting, visualization and interactive analysis capabilities.  This will make it easier for developers and data scientists to operationalize, integrate and analyze both big data and traditional data sources. Both Pentaho and DataStax also offer commercial open source products, which include valuable enhanced functionality, software maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, professional services and training.

What this means for the Cassandra community:

  • Operationalizing Big Data – With Pentaho Kettle, DataStax has an integrated visual environment to deploy, manage, report, visualize and explore big data for both DataStax Enterprise and DataStax Community editions. Pentaho Kettle’s visual interface enables up to a ten-fold productivity improvement for developing and managing big data storage and analysis.
  • Extending the reach of NoSQL– Together with Pentaho, DataStax is extending the strength of NoSQL databases to a much broader spectrum of developers, data scientists and other technologists. Previously these users had access only to traditional relational databases or analytic databases. With Pentaho Kettle’s ease of use, developers can leverage the power of DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community and Apache Cassandra.
  • Lowering technical barriers– DataStax and Apache Cassandra users can integrate Pentaho Kettle as a hub into their existing technology in a visual and easy-to-use environment. Using Pentaho Kettle, technologists can gain fast insight into their Cassandra data. Pentaho Kettle can use Cassandra as a data source for reports and dashboards, or easily integrate with data from other sources into a data warehouse for a 360-degree view of the business.
  • Easy on-ramp to complete business analytics suite – DataStax and Apache Cassandra’s integration with Pentaho Kettle make it easy to upgrade to Pentaho Business Analytics, a complete end-to-end analytics suite that includes operational reporting, dashboards, interactive reporting, interactive analysis, and advanced data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Weaving into the big data fabric– By integrating DataStax, which is capable of spanning multiple datacenterswith Pentaho Kettle, Cassandra-based solutions are now easier to use, more dependable and significantly faster to develop, extending how and where Cassandra can be used by enterprises. By integrating with Pentaho Kettle, DataStax is woven more tightly into the broader fabric of big data and traditional data sources

Quotes and Multimedia

“Pentaho Kettle is breaking new ground with its ability to make all big data sources including Apache Cassandra much easier and more productive to use,” said Richard Daley, founder and chief strategy officer, Pentaho. “This partnership with DataStax provides an instant and easy way to truly operationalize Cassandra and make it an integral part of a company’s data ecosystem.”

“DataStax’ integration with Pentaho will significantly broaden our community’s big data capabilities by reducing the technical barriers to entry and instantly weaving Cassandra into the fabric of existing relational databases, analytic databases and Hadoop,” said Michael Shaler, senior director, business development, DataStax. “It is impressive to see how fast customer solutions are being rolled out with Cassandra and Pentaho Kettle.”

“One of the key concepts of 451 Research's 'total data' concept of data management is the need to focus beyond the volume, velocity and variety of data to the all-important endgame of deriving actionable value based on analysis of that data,” said Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics, 451 Research. “The integration of Apache Cassandra and DataStax with Pentaho Kettle will extend the reach of NoSQL databases and lower the barriers for users to get up and running easier and faster to start making sense of their data.”

About DataStax

DataStax offers products and services based on the popular open-source database, Apache Cassandra™, which solve today’s most challenging big data problems. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) combines the performance of Cassandra with analytics powered by Apache Hadoop™, creating a smartly integrated, data-centric platform. With DSE, real-time and analytic workloads never conflict, giving you maximum performance with the added benefit of only managing a single database. The company has over 100 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Cisco, Rackspace and Constant Contact, and spanning verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. DataStax is backed by industry leading investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Crosslink Capital and is based in San Mateo, CA.

About Apache Cassandra™

Apache Cassandra™ is an open source distributed database management system. It is designed to store and allow very low-latency access to very large amounts of data spread out across many commodity servers while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure. This next-generation data platform evolved from work at Google, Amazon and Facebook, and is an Apache Software Foundation top-level project.

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About Pentaho Kettle

Pentaho Kettle adds visual tools to input, extract, manipulate, report, visualize and explore data in Hadoop and Cassandra. It also provides a seamless on-ramp to Pentaho Business Analytics, a complete end-to-end solution that enables users to intuitively access, discover and analyze their data, empowering them to make information-driven decisions that positively impact their organization's performance. Download, access how-to documents and videos at

About Pentaho, a Hitachi Group company
Pentaho, a Hitachi Group company, is a leading data integration and business analytics company with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments. Pentaho’s unified data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive, completely embeddable and delivers governed data to power any analytics in any environment. Pentaho’s mission is to help organizations across multiple industries harness the value from all their data, including big data and IoT, enabling them to find new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, deliver outstanding service and minimize risk. Pentaho has over 15,000 product deployments and 1,500 commercial customers today including ABN-AMRO Clearing, BT, EMC, NASDAQ and Sears Holdings Corporation. For more information visit