Data Tiering


Maximize performance in tiered storage environments, access powerful, next-generation features and retire older, underperforming storage.

Automate Intelligent Data Placement to Improve Performance


  • Automatically places data to increase performance and availability, provides highest efficiency, simplifies improvements to storage infrastructures, eliminates downtime during migrations
  • Reduces storage costs with self-managed storage tiers, automates optimal data placement to increase storage use and eliminates need for manual classification
  • Simplifies management efficiency by automating data placement based on storage costs, performance and data protection; saves administrative time and effort
  • Cloud-optimized with automatic file tiering to Hitachi Content Platform, Amazon S3, Microsoft® Azure™, or Hitachi Cloud Services
  • Hitachi Data Mobility

    Increase storage performance and lower costs with automated data placement.

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With the help of Hitachi solutions, we are able to fulfill our consolidation goal, and we benefit from the performance improvement in the environment.
– Bülent Saltürk, Infrastructure and Operations Division Head, Turkcell

Intelligent Data Placement in Virtualized Storage Environments


  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering self-managing and self-healing storage pools improve performance and eliminate the need for labor-intensive manual data placement
  • Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager lets you proactively match business application price, performance and availability characteristics to storage resources
  • Streamlines migration tasks with nondisruptive data migrations to accelerate storage consolidation and technology refresh projects
  • Data migrator to cloud uses automatic, policy-driven file tiering to free up Tier 0 or Tier 1 storage for business-critical applications
  • IDC Technology Assessment

    See how Hitachi Content Platform streamlines cloud migration.


Improves Performance

Automatically Moves Most-Active Data to Highest-Performing Storage Tier

Active Flash

Moves fine-grained pages to higher-performing storage tiers, in real time.

Granular Page-Based Data Movement

Supports highest efficiency and throughput.

Enhanced Data Placement

Automatically optimizes data placement for performance using an I/O rate-based heat index.

Reduces Storage Costs

Lowers Media Costs With Self-Managed Storage Tiers

Thin Provisioning

Achieves greater space efficiency with data mobility.

Automated Data Classification

Eliminates time-consuming and costly manual classification through data mobility.


Automatically Puts Data in the Right Place at the Right Time

Adjusts to Dynamic Workloads and Capacity Requirements

User-defined policies can automatically move data to align with business application needs and increase storage use.

Nondisruptive Data Migration Across Storage Tiers

Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager reduces complexity and risks while eliminating application downtime during migrations.


Does Your Cloud Measure Up?
Does Your Cloud Measure Up?

Learn from IDC how to reduce costs, increase agility and take advantage of new opportunities, such as mobility.


Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe
Easily manage storage service levels by DFSMS storage groups or individual volumes.


Active Flash for Hitachi VSP Gx00
This report on lab test results describes how active flash improves performance by immediately reacting to workload changes.


From our point of view, data availability is the key factor. Since we started using Hitachi solutions more than six years ago, we have never experienced any failures in our storage infrastructure. Hitachi reliability gives us a clear competitive edge.

– Bernard Grzywna, Director of the IT Maintenance Department, Alior Bank S.A.

We are highly satisfied with the newly developed [Hitachi] solution. Not only have we switched smoothly to a modern storage environment, but we have also revolutionized the storage business model in one go and prepared our institution to deal with any eventualities when it comes to data growth.

– Matthias Kreft, Head of IT, DZ BANK

Accident Compensation Corporation

The project touched every single application. It was one of the most complex, multivendor projects we had gone through. We see this as an internal best practice for a successful project implementation.

– Don Montgomery, Technology Architect, Accident Compensation Corporation

With the help of Hitachi solutions, we are able to fulfill our consolidation goal, and benefit from the performance improvement in the environment. The Hitachi and Turkcell teams have worked closely throughout the project. This collaboration has been key to the success of our new storage environment.

– Bülent Saltürk, Infrastructure and Operations Division Head, Turkcell

Financial data is some of the most sensitive information in the world. It is therefore more important that data is available but secure. To ensure that this is always the case, Cortal Consors uses Hitachi [storage] for the in-house data center, including enterprise, midrange and Hitachi NAS Platform.

– Christian Krug, Head of Department Engineering, Cortal Consors

The Hitachi cloud storage solution provides a consolidated, flexible and secure storage platform for our cloud storage. It allows for nondisruptive system expansion and upgrading as well as advanced data access control, such as data read/write protection.

– Chang Xiuling, Inner Mongolia Mobile (subsidiary), China Mobile

Banking and Finance
Finance and Insurance
Banking and Finance

VSP G-series and F-series

RAID-Level Support
RAID-6, RAID-5 and RAID-1
Media Types
FMD, SSD, SAS and NL-SAS: up to 3 media types per Hitachi Dynamic Tiering pool (up to 3 tiers of external storage supported as lowest tiers)
Number of Tiers Supported
1, 2 and 3 per Hitachi Dynamic Tiering pool
Active Flash
Wide Striping Performance Optimization


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Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Provides system management and advanced storage system functions across multiple storage platforms.

IT Analytics

Provides end-to-end storage performance monitoring and analysis for complex storage environments.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Simplify operations by consolidating all of your storage under a single software-defined infrastructure.

Hitachi Automation Director

Improve administrative productivity and service reliability with storage-provisioning workflows and automated management tasks.

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