Storage Virtualization Operating System

Accelerate digital transformation, enable real-time customer engagement and increase return on IT investments with an operating system built for your virtualized environment.

Boost Operational Efficiency


  • Adaptive data reduction* can reduce capacity usage by up to 80% or more
  • Thin provisioning and linked snapshots increase efficiency to 10:1 or greater
  • Direct connect to the cloud enables data center savings and predictable costs

*Hitachi Vantara Data Reduction Guarantee is offered subject to applicable terms and conditions. Please contact

  • Software

    Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

    Advanced efficiencies with all-flash storage for more data center operations

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We gained a future-proof solution from Hitachi for supporting excellent digital patient care and critical hospital applications.
– Roman Hasselsberger, IT Manager, Kufstein District Hospital

Accelerate the Applications That Serve Your Customers


  • Quality of Service (QoS) software for consistent application performance
  • Enhanced, flash-aware I/O stack reduces latency to serve data faster
  • Priority data handling manages operations to ensure high-speed application I/O
  • Faster Applications Mean Happier Customers

    Hitachi Accelerated Flash creates competitive advantage with faster data delivery.

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Accelerate Response Times – Even as Data Levels Grow

Deliver Scalable, All-Flash Performance

QoS combines with flash-aware I/O stack and non-blocking architecture for low latency response times.

Enable a Higher Level of Storage Savings

Adaptive data reduction and cloud connectivity reduce overall data center costs.

Optimize to Fit Your Unique Needs

Selectable services enable individual data reduction technologies to be activated based on workload benefit.


Simplify Processes and Get Time Back, Even as You Grow

Eliminate IT Complexity

Simple GUI with at-a-glance monitoring enables IT staff to manage storage without expert training.

Standardize On a Common Process Set

Manage any size environment and workload, including mainframe, from a single platform.

Manage Storage On Your Terms

REST-based APIs extend administrative operations, enabling integration with your management tools.


Deliver Continuous Operations With Fault-Tolerant Virtualized Storage

Zero Downtime Operations

Global-active device (GAD) enables active-active clustering across data centers for high availability.

Meet the Broadest Range of Recovery SLAs

Synchronous and asynchronous replication provides zero RPO and near-zero RTO across disperse locations.

Nondisruptive Data Center Upgrades

Virtualize storage for transparent replacement of storage over time.


Build an Always-On infrastructure
Build an Always-On infrastructure

Use these nine steps to build an always-on infrastructure to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape.


SVOS for Hitachi VSP Family
SVOS for Hitachi VSP Family
Improve operational efficiency and customer experiences.
Global-Active Device
Global-Active Device
Get continuous operation and availability for key applications.


Storage Virtualization
Storage Virtualization
Learn how storage virtualization enables a superior return on investment.


The Hitachi solution for Microsoft Private Cloud has opened up an entirely new emerging market. We can thereby meet the strong demand for flexible, cost-efficient cloud services today.

– Dietmar Hensch, Managing Director, Kramer & Crew GmbH & Co. KG

Kufstein District Hospital

We gained a future-proof solution for supporting excellent digital patient care and critical hospital applications. Doctors can rapidly access their patients’ electronic health records, allowing more time for quality consultations, improved access to test results and targeted diagnoses and care.

– Roman Haselsberger, IT Manager, Kufstein District Hospital

Beijing Internet Harbour Company

When building a cloud we aim to guarantee customer satisfaction. Fast deployment, faster response and elastic resource allocation are the essential requirements. Hitachi UCP breaks the bottleneck of traditional architectures, helping us rapidly build a fast highly available cloud infrastructure.

– Yu Yongtao, CTO, Beijing Internet Harbour Company

The UCP solution allows us to create new VMware servers for our retail and line of business applications quickly and respond to business requirements rapidly and in the most flexible way.

– Michael Gstach, Enterprise Architect, SPAR ICS

IT Services
IT Services


Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Storage Advisor
Easy-to-use storage manager simplifies storage administration.
Device Manager
Provides single-point management for all Hitachi physical and virtualized storage, and is the interface for integration with other Command Suite software.
Dynamic Provisioning
Provides thin provisioning for simplified provisioning operations, automatic performance optimization, and storage space savings.
Global Storage Virtualization Capability
Enables active-active clustering environment spanning multiple matched Virtual Storage Platform family storage systems.*
Universal Volume Manager
Enables virtualization of external heterogeneous storage.

*Supported externally attached storage systems.


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Global-Active Device

Adds active-active volume support to SVOS for efficient, simple, continuous data protection.

Data Tiering

Enables intelligent data placement, nondisruptive data migrations and automated dynamic tiering.

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