Smart Cities

Unleash the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, analytics and video intelligence to fuel innovation, solve local challenges and improve smart cities.

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Gain intelligence and insights for your city, organization or business to become smarter, safer and more efficient

End-to-End Solution

Deploy a turnkey solution – from data collection and management to analytics, insights and applications.

Intelligent Insights

Improve insight and operations with sophisticated analytics and digital tools.

Adaptable, Anywhere

Get the smart tools you and your community need – in the office or on the go.

Gathering information on buildings, course attendance and social interaction can ultimately be used to improve student experience and enhance learning.
– Lina Pelliccoione, Head of School, School of Education, Curtin University

It Takes a Community to Build a Smart City


Cities and organizations thrive through shared business, operational, and security intelligence that helps them deliver better services, run more efficiently and be safer places to live and work.


Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence is being used by the city to gain data about bike, transit, foot, and vehicle traffic, as well as parking and public safety. This supports our smart city goals to improve efficiency, diversify our economy and drive innovation…

– Michael Sherwood, Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Las Vegas

Hitachi Visualization allows us to monitor traffic in real time as we adjust the signal timing. We have central control software for both traffic management and emergency vehicle preemption. Now we can see exactly what’s happening, what resources to deploy and make changes on the fly.

– Eric Lewis, City Traffic Engineer, City of Moreno Valley

We've been able to re-engineer our department into a data-driven and intel-based policing organization. The public safety camera project is designed to aid the city in deterring, detecting and investigating crimes.

– Troy Gay, Assistant Chief, Austin Police Department

City of Las Vegas
City of Moreno Valley
Austin Police Department
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