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Modernize Your Digital Core

To Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

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Premkumar Balasubramanian, Head of Technology and Solutions, Hitachi Vantara

Samta Bansal,Global Consulting Portfolio Marketing Leader, Hitachi Vantara

The future belongs to the data-driven — companies that are disrupting industries with innovation, new ways of working and exciting new anytime, anywhere digital experiences for their customers, employees and partners. The pace of change and the shift to cloud and digital strategies are accelerating. To survive and thrive in the new digital economy, businesses must modernize their digital core and embrace new cloud technologies.

Data Fuels Your Organization’s True Power and Potential

Everything today is driven by data. Your business depends on it. Your customers expect you to deliver exceptional digital experiences that allow them to interact with your business anytime, anywhere.

The future belongs to you — if you can meet these expectations with resilience and agility. To do so, you must efficiently capture data, extract knowledge from it and creatively turn that knowledge into value-driving innovation, real-time decision-making and exciting new business outcomes.

In this hyperconnected and hypercompetitive world, how are you embracing disruption and opportunity? Are you using digital and data-driven strategies to create an incumbent advantage for your business? Or are you struggling with legacy systems and operations that are slowing innovation and dragging down efficiency?


of organizations have started a legacy system modernization project but failed to complete it.

2020 Advance Reveals

Applications, Data and Infrastructure Should Talk

Many organizations approach modernization in a “siloed” way. Data teams try to solve the data challenge, application teams try to onboard new applications and build new products, and infrastructure teams try to manage the cost, complexity and efficiency of on-premises infrastructure and cloud applications.

Today’s technology landscape is highly interdependent. We have hybrid IT, hybrid cloud, multiclouds and distributed clouds. There are many vendors, and most organizations have a shortage of talent with skills to navigate this complexity. It’s no wonder that over 50% of modernization efforts fail.

Tactical, one-off modernization efforts and old approaches focused purely on cost and efficiency fail to deliver the desired benefits. What you need is a way to leapfrog the competition and change the game.

Modernize Your Digital Core — A New Way

At Hitachi Vantara, we believe there is a better approach. We call it “modernizing the digital core.” Modernizing the digital core means taking a holistic approach and modernizing your infrastructure, applications and data together, to leverage distributed cloud environments and to build your cloud and your outcomes.

Modernizing the digital core lays a foundation for a modern, data-driven business. It sets you on a digital journey and helps you build value with your technology, people and process investments. It enables you to use analytics to create value by introducing new products, new business models and new revenue streams.

Modernization starts with clearly defined business strategies, objectives and measures. It’s essential to take an inventory of your existing portfolio and assess it for short-term and long-term requirements across various dimensions of risk, cost, performance and efficiency. This will help to ensure business needs are met on a continuous, timely basis with less risk and impact to the organization.

Think “Strategic” Modernization

Modernizing your digital core is not a “one size fits all” solution. When developing a cloud strategy for modernizing your digital core, you want to take a strategic, 360-degree approach: Consider all of the complexities of your business to ensure you implement the correct changes.

Racing to move applications to the cloud without modernizing the application architecture provides little value. It’s a mistake, for example, to move a virtual machine in the data center to a virtual machine in the cloud and expect performance improvements. Simply lifting and shifting applications to the cloud can cause more problems than it solves.

Even if you must implement your strategy incrementally, you will not paint yourself into a corner: You will have a firm foundation for each project phase if you take this approach. Modernizing your applications in smaller, incremental steps as defined by this method is more adaptable and will deliver results sooner. It will also allow you to move more quickly and realize greater value over time.

Throughout the process, it’s crucial to remain focused on your organization’s objectives and the outcomes you want. You want to consider the value you are building for your customers, business partners, employees and ecosystem.

Remember: You want to engineer your cloud for the outcomes you want.

Hitachi Vantara can help you fasttrack your cloud migration and integration. We will assess how you access, migrate, build and operate your portfolio across clouds, whether private, public, hybrid or distributed. We provide softwaredefined solutions, infrastructure as code, Kubernetes as services, and cloud storage solutions that will enable you to:

  • Deliver services from edge-tocore-to-cloud at scale.
  • Leverage a distributed cloud infrastructure and achieve cloudlike capabilities for on-premises infrastructure.
  • Efficiently store, secure and use data across private and multiple public clouds.
  • Streamline your operations, balance workloads and optimize app and workload placement.
  • Engineer a secure foundation with the proper landing zones, security and compliance controls.
  • Operationalize your cloud to make it ready and extendable to accommodate current and future requirements by bringing in DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Compliance Frameworks.

Cloud, the Strategic Enabler for Modernization

Building cloud-friendly and cloud-native apps will be an essential aspect of your modernization strategy, as you integrate and innovate with your systems, people and processes.

Data is underlying all of this. Building a data fabric with a DataOps lens that seamlessly transcends the edge-to-core-to-cloud continuum is more critical than just being app centric. It is a unique approach that we at Hitachi Vantara firmly believe in and integrate into our well-tested methodology of building your cloud.

Now You Are Ready To Innovate — Your Foundation Is Set

By taking a strategic value-driven approach to modernization, you lay the digital foundation to drive innovation and capitalize on new experiences that formerly were not possible. That is the power of modernizing the digital core. It is a comprehensive approach that has yielded long-lasting results for our clients.

Working with Hitachi Vantara, here are some of the exceptional outcomes we help our customers achieve:

  • MSRB created a next-gen data lake and analytics platform that will enable it to maximize agility and embrace a data-driven future. Learn more.
  • The Rainforest Connection built a cloud platform that uses bioacoustics, predictive analytics and data science to identify illegal logging activity before it occurs. Learn more.
  • The American Heart Association built a cloud Precision Medicine Platform for sharing data, research and technologies. Learn more.
  • Swisscom now has a single view of the customer and real-time insight across 30 business units processing 100 million data records daily. Learn more.

Your Cloud, Your Outcomes

Choosing the right partner to guide you in your journey is vital. Hitachi has helped thousands of companies modernize their digital core and reap the power and agility of the cloud and modernization.

We take a value-based approach to engineer your cloud and your outcomes. Our approach draws from more than 25 years of cloud consulting experience, 60 years of information technology experience, and 100 years of operational technology experience. We have a broad portfolio of industry-leading technologies and IP, consulting services, and global partnerships that will help you drive faster results and accelerate innovation.

A modernized digital core will help you achieve the agility, efficiency and resilience you need for the future. Modernize your digital core to accelerate your business with Hitachi Vantara.

It’s one thing to know what you should do, and it’s another to have experience in how that’s being done. Hitachi brought that level of experience to the table.

Brian Anthony, Director of Data Strategy and Management, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

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