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Navigating the Fast-Moving Future: Cloud, Data, and Sustainability and AI

By Tammy Gollotti

Lessons from Hitachi Vantara Exchange Paris, a C-Suite Event for Data Innovators

Today, businesses are facing some of the toughest digital innovation challenges we’ve ever seen in recent times. The climate crisis, the breakneck speed of technological innovation, and growing cybersecurity threats are just some of the hurdles that must be smartly addressed for organizations to succeed in today’s increasingly data-driven world.

This is something we know to be true from recent discussions with our customers. Many often highlight that deploying the latest technologies is no longer considered enough to stay competitive in today’s market. Interestingly, strong leadership and trusted, shared values across an organization are increasingly considered top priorities for business and technology leaders.

To better understand this sentiment and what it means for those operating within the current market, we recently convened leaders from across industries to take part in an exchange of ideas regarding the attributes needed to thrive in today’s environment and what the new blueprint for innovation looks like within this context. At Hitachi Vantara Exchange, a C-suite event for data innovators, together, we shared best practices, personal stories and, importantly, actionable insights to take away and consider as part of our own digital transformation journeys.

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Understanding and Leveraging the Data Boom

By now, most organizations know that data is rich in value that can also tell us important stories about the real impacts we can make and the business outcomes we can drive. But, as data continues to grow exponentially, many technology leaders are left to grapple with the many challenges they face as a result.

While there’s clear appetite and pressure to leverage new technologies, the cost of mismanaging data can be enormous, potentially leading to data breaches and regulatory penalties as well as compromised customer trust and the loss of competitive advantage.

Considerations such as where to host this data, the environmental impact of storing it, and the infrastructure required to support new and exciting innovations such as generative AI, were all discussed as top of mind concerns for executives. Other considerations mentioned include the complexity of many digital transformation projects, the various solutions required to mitigate cybersecurity risk and, crucially, the lack of skills needed to underpin these projects from start to finish.

Offering one solution, an attendee suggested that transformation teams devise a roadmap spanning the entire transformation journey and stressed the importance of testing every solution planned. There are several ways this could be achieved. For example, the organizations that have the resources to do so could consider deploying a digital twin of the project. This could be used to spot any inefficiencies in the project lifecycle and bring down costs.

Navigating What’s Next

Somewhat unsurprisingly, one topic repeatedly surfaced throughout the day: generative AI. While many of the organizations in attendance hadn’t deployed any generative AI solutions, most wondered how these solutions could be deployed across their organizations in a responsible and meaningful way.

Some of the key considerations raised for deploying generative AI included having access to accurate data and ensuring the right cybersecurity defenses are in place.  One attendee underscored the importance of identifying the business problem an organization wants to overcome, before making plans to leverage any technology. In other words, such a big investment in technology should align to a wider transformation strategy.

For many, alignment, and answers to challenges like these must come from the top down. The role of leadership is crucial in empowering businesses to cut through the noise. So, before diving into the latest and most exciting technologies available, it’s important to first consider how such solutions could make a difference – whether to customers, the business itself, or wider society – and the ways you could champion this mission internally.

Driving actionable insights through data

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, navigating this new world and finding the right answers for your business is where we – Hitachi Vantara – come in. We take pride in providing the best-in-class solutions for our customers, and in acting as valued, strategic partners for business and IT leaders.

If you find yourself facing similar challenges or looking to realize new opportunities for your organization – please feel free to reach out to us. We would be proud to work with you in harnessing the power of data in the best and most beneficial way for your business.

Tammy Gollotti is Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Hitachi Vantara.