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Unleash the Power of Your Data: Virtual Storage Platform One

Octavian Tanase Octavian Tanase
Chief Product Officer

April 16, 2024

Virtual Storage Platform One

The Quest for a Data Foundation for Innovation

Today's data landscape is brimming with potential. Information is no longer a static asset; it's the fuel that propels innovation across every industry. Businesses that can harness its power unlock a world of possibilities – from revolutionizing customer experiences to building customized AI models that tackle industry-specific challenges. Those who embrace data-driven decision making are the ones shaping the future.

However, building a single data foundation for innovation presents challenges. Given the complexity of hybrid cloud environments (51% reported having difficulty keeping up with the technology skills/talent required, per HBR), data growth (especially of unstructured data), the demand for real-time insights (65% of B2B sales organizations will transition from intuition-based to data-driven decision making, per Gartner), and security and compliance risks abound. Today more than ever, traditional means of data integration and consolidation are too slow, expensive, and risky.

Taking a hint from the laws of physics, in this case applied to data gravity: The data needs to be managed right where it sits. And that often means at the enterprise storage level. But there is a challenge from a technology perspective: How do you break down data silos of structured and unstructured data, scattered across multiple storage systems, on premises and in the cloud? The answer lies in a (r)evolutionary new approach for enterprise storage: One data plane, one control plane, and one data fabric.

Introducing Virtual Storage Platform One: A Groundbreaking Data Management Solution

Today we’re announcing the General Availability (GA) of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One (VSP One). First communicated in October 2023, this marks the first major milestone as we build out our strategy to deliver data infrastructure solutions that help organizations transform how they manage and leverage their data, in the age of AI. In line with our mission to enable customers to unlock new revenue and drive sustainable growth with data.

VSP One simplifies managing mission-critical workloads at scale. It provides a unified architecture with a single data plane, control plane, and data fabric across various storage types and environments – all managed by a single AI-enabled software stack. The solution addresses the critical challenges of data fragmentation, security concerns, and potential reputation damage by introducing a strong data foundation that serves as the bedrock for building a more intelligent, efficient and competitive organization.

The following Virtual Storage Platform One products available now include: Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block, Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud, and Virtual Storage Platform One File. Together they provide a solid data foundation for mission critical applications, with a focus on data availability and strong data resiliency and reliability measures, including mitigation of risks such as downtime, productivity losses and security threats.

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block: The all-NVMe storage platform supports up to 1.6PBe in just 2U of rack space, while reducing energy cost and helping with sustainability efforts, dynamically underclocks CPUs to reducing power consumption and minimizing CO2. Continuing our eternity design mindset our storage bezels now contain 40% recycled materials.

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud: Accelerating data portability with software-first innovations for hybrid cloud distributed block applications. Deployment options include appliance, software only or public cloud. Additionally, Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud will be available on the AWS Marketplace.

Virtual Storage Platform One File: The next generation file storage solution, built with an emphasis on user-centric design, featuring a user-friendly user interface for system management between traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud settings.

Managing resiliency requires a reliable, trustworthy, and flexible infrastructure. That’s why we’re also excited that all our VSP One solutions now come with 100% Data Availability Guarantee, Modern Storage Assurance, and Effective Capacity Guarantee. Furthermore, Ops Center Clear Sight is now available for all VSP One solutions, for cloud-based monitoring and management.


Embracing a hybrid cloud data platform represents a significant shift in data management philosophy. It moves beyond simply storing data to creating a unified and intelligent ecosystem. This empowers organizations to unlock the true value of their data by fostering innovation, driving business agility, and ensuring long-term success in today's data-driven economy.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, now in General Availability, is the unbreakable hybrid-cloud platform seamlessly integrating structured and unstructured data, and redefining data management efficiency and flexibility for enterprises.

To learn more about how it can unlock the hidden potential within your data, One Hybrid Cloud Data Platform.

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Octavian Tanase

Octavian Tanase

Octavian is a University of California, Berkeley graduate and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.