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Delivering Data Clarity for Partners with a Single Data Platform

Kimberly King Kimberly King
VP, Global Partner Strategy and Programs, Hitachi Vantara

October 10, 2023

In a world filled with complexity and data overload, clarity is like a breath of fresh air. Today, Hitachi Vantara has unveiled a groundbreaking vision for data management that promises to simplify the way we handle data in the cloud era. This new strategy centers around a unified data platform called Virtual Storage Platform One, which streamlines data management, reduces carbon emissions, and makes everything crystal clear.

Our new strategy brings clarity and simplifies the selling motion for partners, as well. Imagine a platform that caters to all your customer’s needs, easily accessible as a service, with a 100% data guarantee, and an eco-friendly impact on the environment. Virtual Storage Platform One embodies this vision, bringing together Hitachi Vantara’s entire range of storage solutions into one seamless platform. It eliminates the need for siloed solutions, incorporates legacy storage products, and delivers total data freedom.

With Virtual Storage Platform One, your customers can run, manage, and harness their applications anywhere, be it on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. This platform isn’t just about data management; it’s designed to help customers extract more value from their data. Powered by AI, it creates an intelligent data fabric that supports all data types across all environments.

No longer will you and your customers struggle to piece together different environments or decide on the right infrastructure solution. Virtual Storage Platform One supports various workloads, can be deployed as an appliance, software-defined, or in the public cloud, all from a single platform, ensuring the freedom of data for the future.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our partner, T-Systems North America, sees the clarity in this strategy. They believe that Virtual Storage Platform One will bring a new level of automation and ease to the ever-evolving world of data storage.

This is just the beginning. Hitachi Vantara’s new vision for partners is all about simplifying the selling process and offering more value to your customers. With Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight, you’ll have comprehensive fleet management for everything you sell. Plus, we’re introducing AI-driven search and template functions to make your job even easier.

Data is constantly in motion, whether from edge to core to cloud or across various environments. Virtual Storage Platform One lets you confidently offer a platform that ensures complete data agility and security, removing the need to hand off data between systems.

With our integrated approach, you can sell exactly what your customer needs at the time of purchase, maximizing ROI without over or under-selling. This also opens the door to future opportunities and ongoing revenue through value-added services.

Worried about data migration? With Virtual Storage Platform One, we provide Modern Storage Assurance, allowing you to upgrade your customers with no risk.

Becoming a trusted advisor and platform expert has never been easier. Everything is integrated into one operating system, reducing training time and letting you focus on driving real business outcomes.

With the release of Virtual Storage Platform One next year, Hitachi Vantara is transforming data management, fueling innovation, and paving the way for a clearer, brighter future. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


Kimberly King

Kimberly King

Kimberly King is Senior Vice President, Strategic Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Vantara.