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Core Infrastructure Requirements for Today’s Data Workloads

Greg Bucyk Greg Bucyk
VP, Partner Strategy, GTM and Strategic Alliances

May 10, 2024

There's no doubt that, as a technology provider/integrator, you're likely seeing many customers across all segments looking to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for optimizing their growth. Given the vast volume of data that these innovations consume or create, it's clear to see the importance of being able to offer your customers reliable, secure, sustainable and scalable data infrastructure solutions. After all, the ability to securely store and efficiently access growing data is crucial for businesses today to retain their reputation and function at their best.

Let’s consider the core infrastructure requirements today’s data workloads demand. To start, the ability to provide a flexible, robust data infrastructure for unparalleled performance and capacity is a necessity — one that prioritizes availability for mission-critical workloads, enables lightning-fast queries and reliable data intelligence and can grow without hiccups to accommodate your customer’s expanding workloads and business goals.  A data platform that scales on demand or enables pay-as-you-go pricing empowers even customers with resource limitations.

In the realm of data storage, cyber security stands as a bulwark against the innumerable threats lurking in the digital landscape. Regardless of the data infrastructure solution offered, every offering you provide your customer must be capable of safeguarding the integrity and availability of their data. This is paramount. Data infrastructure that implements advanced security measures, such as advanced snapshot, encryption, auditing capabilities and rigorous access controls, becomes not just a strategy “nice to have” but a necessity for customers seeking to shield themselves from potential compromise and meet today’s strict compliance regulations.

Usability is an equally critical consideration. The best data solutions offer streamlined, intuitive interfaces that integrate effortlessly with data applications, and eliminate unnecessary complexity so that your customers can focus their resources on innovation and development, rather than on navigating cumbersome storage mechanisms. This convergence of robust security protocols and user-centric user interface principles ensures that any data infrastructure solutions are not only trustworthy fortresses, but also defenders of efficiency, enabling teams to propel their projects forward with confidence and fluidity.

Last, but by no means least, the sustainability of any data platform you offer should be able to responsibly meet your customer’s ESG goals and cover the breadth of their requirements over the long term. Eco-friendly infrastructure minimizes data silos and reduces hardware footprint and resource usage. Innovations, such as enhanced data reduction technology, which lets customers store more user data on a smaller amount of media, as well as minimizing data migrations via non-disruptive replacement of the storage controller to next-generation systems, help reduce CO2 emissions, but are not enough. Does the vendor of the solution follow strict energy-efficient protocols to design infrastructure solutions that are well-documented to cut energy consumption without compromising performance? Gaining industry certifications and recognition not only validates the reduced climate impact, but also increases your customer’s cost efficiency with assurance.

At Hitachi Vantara, we understand that navigating the interplay between simplicity, flexibility, security, and longevity considerations within the data storage sphere can be like walking a tightrope. Each of these elements plays a pivotal role in providing an infrastructure to your customer that not only meets current demands but anticipates future growth. Helping your customer make the right choice today ensures their data is bolstered by a foundation robust enough to handle the intricacies of tomorrow's data requirements without breaking today's budget. But what if you didn’t have to meticulously weigh the merits of each data infrastructure offering against the backdrop of your customer’s specific initiatives to try to select the perfect solution? What if it were as easy as simply selecting one data platform that could meet every objective?

Virtual Storage Platform One: The Clarity of One

Virtual Storage Platform One (VSP One) is the next-generation solution on Hitachi Vantara’s transformative journey in delivering a more intelligent, efficient and competitive future, one in which we are proud to be your trusted partner. Empower your customers with the clarity, flexibility, security and endurance of One platform that can transform their businesses for the future and unlimited growth. VSP One provides you a single platform to address the critical challenges of data siloing, cybersecurity, scale and data reliability. It’s a single, unified data fabric, control plane, and data plane spanning edge, core and cloud that offers an unbreakable infrastructure, built-in security, and a reliable, sustainable core.

To learn more about how VSP One delivers an unlimited data foundation for offering more intelligent, efficient data solutions to your customers across hybrid or multi-cloud environments, be sure to join our VSP One Partner Virtual Event on May 23, 2023. Register here.

Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform One aligns with the Hitachi Vantara Partner Program’s pillars: Trusted, Profitable and Sustainable. Its design allows you to easily provide a storage option wrapped with your expertise that fits with the velocity of your customer’s workloads and the volume of data they generate, all while keeping an eye on economic viability and long-term growth. This ensures each dollar your customer spends brings them closer to their goals, while optimizing their data so they can fuel innovation without unnecessarily constraining resources. VSP One offers you the equilibrium of simplicity, flexibility, security, and longevity that can enable you to pave your customer’s path toward a resilient, responsive data infrastructure, one on which you will be able to service their needs well into the future.

Greg Bucyk

Greg Bucyk

Greg is VP of Partner Strategy, GTM and Strategic Alliances at Hitachi Vantara.