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COVID-19, the Data Deluge and Optimizing Splunk for Time and Cost

Patricia Harris

October 15, 2020

The new normal has changed the way we work and the way we conduct business. More and more employees are working from home, customers are shopping online, and everyone’s phone is still attached to their ears. Bottom line: everything we’re doing in business and in our personal lives is leaving a digital trail. In fact, now devices are getting in the game and creating more data than people, 277 times more, according to Cisco.

The result is a growing torrent of data about customers, systems and transactions that can be analyzed and used to make quick and informed business decisions. However, as these datasets continue to grow, infrastructure costs and time spent on administration are dramatically increasing, and it’s becoming expensive and complex for businesses to manage and maintain compliance. Organizations are at risk of being unable to pinpoint a data breach, investigate a performance issue or satisfy compliance requirements.

Many organizations looking to tap into this growing deluge of information generated by big data are leveraging Splunk, which was designed to make this machine data accessible by recognizing data patterns, providing metrics and providing intelligence for business operation.

In other words, Splunk turns machine data into action and an increasing number of organizations are benefiting from it. However, legacy and outdated big data architectures often lack the flexibility to address today’s challenges as compute must also be scaled to keep up with the ever-growing demands for storing machine data.

The flip side to harvesting all that data is an increase in time and money spent on data management and infrastructure. How do you get the benefit of taking advantage of all the data while minimizing the cost? By optimizing your Splunk data lifecycle from end to end with Hitachi Vantara solutions to reduce costs, improve scale and boost performance. Here’s how to get the most out of your Splunk/Hitachi Vantara partnership:

  • To maximize compute and storage, Hitachi Unified Compute platform allows you to support Splunk at any scale and allows for provisioning on-demand with integrated compute, storage, network and management software.
  • To access the fastest real-time analytics and faster access to hot data, accelerate Splunk with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, the world’s fastest NVMe storage array, which comes with a 100% data availability guarantee.
  • To independently scale compute and storage, decouple compute and storage for unlimited capacity and high data durability. For example, tier warm data via S3 with Splunk SmartStore into Hitachi Content Platform, a worldwide leading object storage solution, and storage complexity is reduced while you maintain access to all of your data on demand, when you need it.
  • Hitachi Vantara can even index and quickly search frozen Splunk data to streamline your long-term retention needs and satisfy the most-stringent compliance requirements.
  • To predict your costs, and protect your bottom line, Hitachi Vantara EverFlex gives you the flexibility to purchase, lease or pay as you consume. Acquire everything you need for Splunk using EverFlex and protect your bottom line.


See Hitachi Vantara in action at Splunk.conf 2020 on October 20-21, 2020, AMER, and October 21-22, 2020, EMEA & APAC. For more information and to register, visit

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Patricia Harris

Patricia Harris