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Hitachi and Cisco: A Lesson in Digital Transformation Leadership

Marcus Maddox
Global Alliance Manager

November 10, 2022

Hybrid cloud has become the blueprint for how companies handle their IT challenges today. It’s the way most are connecting and interconnecting their various data-generating and gathering operations. But the level of agility and expandability that’s required for hybrid cloud can be daunting. When done right, however, it can mean faster more reliable access to your data, when and where you need it.

Data Beyond the Data Center

As the cloud has permeated the landscape, the data center itself has evolved. For example, data is no longer only generated by humans. Some estimate that machine-generated data will make up 40% of Internet data in 2022. Being able to weave together the data of human origin with machine-generated data, regardless of where the data is processed, managed, and stored – edge, core, or cloud – is where we are all heading. The question is, how can we get there safely and securely.

To transform successfully in this new digitized world, you need a solid, proven foundation. Hitachi and Cisco enjoy a 20-year history of working together to deliver just that. For example, our hybrid cloud infrastructure solution built on the storage platform, the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) portfolio, supports all workloads and comes with a staggering 100% data availability guarantee. When coupled with Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) X-Series, the combination can handle any application workload that’s thrown at it, from across any hybrid cloud environment.

In other words, our joint technology alliance is designed and fine-tuned to deliver solutions into the operational arena to ensure that business challenges and needs are addressed end-to-end, and business performance improved.

Come Witness the Experience

Cisco Live Melbourne, Australia December 6 – 9, 2022 will provide you the opportunity to see, hear and experience first-hand how your enterprise can transform to meet the need today and tomorrow.

Marcus Maddox is Global Alliance Manager, Hitachi Vantara.


Marcus Maddox

Marcus Maddox is Global Alliance Manager, Hitachi Vantara.