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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E1090 Delivers Enterprise Capabilities Without the Fuss

Angela Romberg
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio

February 23, 2022

The word “middle” always seems to have an air of compromise about it: settlement, concessions, the middle ground. It’s no surprise then that midrange storage often forces companies to choose between the capacity, the features, and the price they need. Unfortunately, when it comes to achieving your business goals, two out of three just doesn’t cut it.

Today that trade-off ends. We’ve redefined midrange storage with the new Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E1090. And the first thing we changed about the definition is any notion of compromise. The VSP E1090 provides impressive capacity, best-in-class performance, and enterprise-class capabilities and resilience, along with the ease of use and price point you need to keep IT aligned with evolving business objectives.

Rock-Solid Foundation

The VSP E1090 is a direct descendant of Hitachi’s enterprise systems, which set the gold standard for reliability, and it includes the same 100% data availability guarantee found across the entire Hitachi storage portfolio. VSP E1090 also shares the same proven operating system and management tools, ensuring consistent functionality and efficient administration.

Future-Proofing Your Storage

Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance now supports VSP E series midrange storage users. With Modern Storage Assurance your business is prepared for future technology even as it meets today’s storage needs. That’s because Modern Storage Assurance builds your next upgrade to a future-generation storage architecture into the initial purchase. That means the decision to make your next upgrade will be driven only by what your business needs instead of being delayed by competing with other business spending priorities.

That financial security pairs perfectly with the practicality of Hitachi’s data-in-place, nondisruptive approach to migration. When it’s time to make the move to next-generation storage technology with Hitachi, you’ll have zero downtime and continuous access to data for your workloads at all times. Modern Storage Assurance covers all components within the node pairs, including both the controller and the chassis. These inclusions ensure that you’ll be able to take full advantage of the latest controller node capabilities with no surprise costs. You’ll even be able to continue using your existing drives, extending the life of those investments and enhancing the sustainability of your IT infrastructure.

With virtual storage scale-out capabilities, VSP E series supports clustering of up to 65 appliances with 130 controllers and 260 CPUs. That’s 4,160 cores! With the power of Hitachi Ops Center, you can pull together your VSP E series systems as a single virtual system to hosts, delivering federated management, data protection and automation across the cluster to simplify your infrastructure.

Optimizing Storage Efficiency

VSP E1090 provides adaptive data reduction technology derived from Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System. A first for the VSP E series, hardware-assisted data reduction technology offers improved data reduction, reducing the number of drives, guaranteeing more usable capacity, and providing up to 82% adaptive data reduction throughput improvement over existing VSP E series. This technology supports selectable inline compression and deduplication that can be set at the volume level, enabling you to optimize the system for specific service level agreements (SLAs) and capacity needs.

In short, your organization will store more with less storage, which significantly impacts your ability to improve storage utilization, reduce your storage footprint, and control costs.

Easy To Install. Easy To Use. Easy To Manage.

If the first thing you think of when you hear “enterprise-class” is complexity, you owe it to yourself to consider VSP E1090. And while VSP E1090 includes an abundance of enterprise capabilities, none of these will get in your way. They are there when you need them but out of your way until you do.

The key to the ease of use and simplicity of VSP E1090 is storage management, and that’s where Hitachi Ops Center comes into play. This suite of products includes embedded management to help you get the system from its shipping box to up, running, and provisioned in as little as 30 minutes. With Hitachi Ops Center, you get:

  • Flexible Storage Management. Utilize VSP embedded management for quick setup and provisioning of VSP midrange arrays and the ability to leverage the full Hitachi Ops Center suite for more advanced control.
  • Advanced AIOPs. Access extensive telemetry monitoring, analytics, and troubleshooting for both on-premises and cloud-enabled VSP assets. This toolset makes it possible to nondisruptively accommodate unanticipated new requirements. Hitachi Ops Center is ready for Google Anthos, ensuring you have the support needed for next-generation, cloud-native apps.
  • Infrastructure Automation. Streamline storage resource delivery with Hitachi Ops Center Automator, through a self-service catalog of pre-engineered templates. The extensive catalog provides customizable workflows, such as smart provisioning and nondisruptive migration, which minimize manually intensive steps and improve overall efficiency by up to 70%, freeing IT staff time for other critical activities.
  • Modern Cybersecurity. Guard your most vital data assets with sophisticated ransomware mitigation. Hitachi Ops Center Protector orchestrates replication between on-premises, near cloud, and public clouds to provide block-level backups of the data. Immutable copies of data are retained for a user-specified period, during which no modifications or deletions can occur.

Ops Center Protector helps reduce your attack surface by creating only the minimal snapshots required to protect vital data. When needed, data can be restored in minutes, not days or weeks, to keep your business moving forward unchecked. Additional options can completely hide the volume or make it appear empty. To defend against insider threats, extortion, or process errors, no level of user access can alter “locked” data or the retention time.

Enterprise Features for Everyone

The entire Hitachi VSP E series promises enterprise-class storage capabilities for everyone, and the new VSP E1090 is the purest expression of that mission. VSP E1090 supports larger configurations and broad consolidation for any business that needs enterprise features, but not enterprise-scale, to achieve its long-term business objectives.

Your business is evolving to become more data-driven every day. What you need from your storage today is different than it was yesterday, and tomorrow’s business objectives will make even greater demands. Deploying the right storage now helps ensure that your data architecture will adapt to support whatever requirements — and opportunities — lie ahead.

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Angela Romberg is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio at Hitachi Vantara.

Angela Romberg

Angela Romberg

Angela Romberg is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio at Hitachi Vantara.