Embracing ITaaS for Adaptability and Growth 2023

Study by Forrester Consulting for Hitachi Vantara examines evolution from traditional infrastructure purchase/lease models to subscription/consumption-based IT as a service (ITaaS).

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IT infrastructure can limit or accelerate your ability to seize opportunities and meet evolving needs. But many organizations feel locked into environments that can’t easily scale or adapt. As workloads continue shifting to cloud, IT leaders are looking to managed infrastructure services supporting their need for modern, resilient, agile, cost-effective delivery.

To understand the significance of this trend, Hitachi Vantara commissioned Forrester Consulting to study the evolution from traditional IT infrastructure models to consumption-based IT as a service (ITaaS). For any IT leader considering this trend, the takeaways are significant.

Read this report today to learn more, including the importance of carefully selecting the right strategic partner to drive value where it is needed most. And the right model to start with on day one.