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May 25 - 27, 2021

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Lumada Manufacturing Insights

Succeed with more insights to accelerate industrial digitalization to deliver improved accuracy, process and automation ahead of the competition.

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Manufacturing Solution Domains


Visualize insights from your shopfloor data to maximize throughput and boost asset performance and efficiency.


Balance risk, cost, performance and reliability of assets with KPI trends analysis and failure impact prediction.


Anticipate product issues, lower costs of rework with root-cause analysis, real-time traceability and notifications.

Supply Chain

Meet customer demand, control costs with greater visibility, responsiveness with what-if scenario data analysis.

Health and Safety

Reduce risk and optimize safety strategies with a holistic data analytics solution using video, 3D Lidar and sensors.


Improve every facet of manufacturing operation with digital and manufacturing consulting subject matter experts to accelerate value to vision.

Customer Stories

We’re a Powerhouse in Manufacturing. Let us help you

We’re a Powerhouse in Manufacturing. Let us help you

We’re a Powerhouse in Manufacturing. Let us help you

Hitachi is an award winning manufacturer with a unique combination of IT and OT experience and expertise. We leverage that foundation to help our customers.



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