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Hitachi Visualization Suite integrates real-time video and IoT sensor data from disparate sources and analytics on a single pane of glass.It enables public and private organizations to gain situational awareness and insights for smarter operations and public safety.
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Hitachi Visualization Suite

Gain Intelligence Through Data-Driven Insights To Make Fast and Informed Decisions

Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) is a comprehensive, highly scalable platform that provides public and private organizations with awareness and insight for actionable intelligence. Its intuitive user interface is capable of integrating hundreds of simultaneous events for geospatial visualization and monitoring. HVS solves the problem of integrating and aggregating the disparate point solutions used by cities, organizations and public safety officials.

HVS provides a single-screen, map-based view that combines video, operational data, GPS transit and fleet vehicle tracking, building and infrastructure data, social media and other sources. It also features native analytics and workflow automation to help any type of organization become smarter and more efficient.

HVS addresses solutions for smart cities, campuses, airports and ports, utilities, venues, transportation, lighting and others with one tool. It combines IoT data, video and analytics to enable awareness and intelligence needed to run more efficient and safer operations. A fully extensible, robust system, HVS can be designed to aggregate almost any type of information by bringing real-world events or data onto a map to be correlated.

Distributed Command and Control, and Intelligence From Anywhere

Hitachi delivers automated upgrades, with no need for client-side downloads or installs. The suite is compatible with multiple browsers, operating systems and mobile devices, such as smart phones, and tablets. With this interoperability and flexibility, command and control is no longer relegated to a single large room; rather, it empowers teams with distributed intelligence for smart organizations. HVS enables data access from the field, on the way to an incident, or in a traditional command and control room with support for multiple video wall configurations. It is available as an on-premises or cloud solution.

Hitachi Video Analytics

Hitachi Visualization Suite integrates with Hitachi Video Analytics to help cities and businesses gain insights and alerts from their video data and make more efficient use of time and resources. Many video assets and systems are underutilized. Using analytics to sort through big data and bring the most important information to light enables users to view only the insights and alerts they need. This saves them from having to sort through hours of video or trust someone is watching the right screen at the right moment.

Workflow Automation

Standard operating procedures can be automated based on types of alerts and role of responders or machines, helping to automate processes and work orders to distributed teams. Team members can receive alerts and confirm tasks have been completed from wherever they are on a mobile app, helping to accelerate response times and track effectiveness.

(see Figure 1)

Manage Digital Content for Incidents

HVS features an integrated archive for storing and organizing digital files, to provide built-in case management capabilities. The archive helps organizations manage digital incident records and evidence of all kinds, from crimes, accidents and operational outages, to activities or disputed occurrences that could present a liability to the organization. It supports role-based permissions and chain-of-custody audit trails. The archive and all assets are tightly integrated into the map view of HVS. Upload any digital media, such as video, audio, pictures, text and documents, and easily tag and associate evidence with any case. With the archive, media can be collected in several ways:

  • Manual upload by users from any device.
  • Export of a video clip from a source video system.
  • Manual recording of any live stream in HVS.
  • From citizens using Deputy Cam Mobile application.
  • From a workflow engine based on any external event.

HVS can take geotagged media, display it geospatially on the map, and overlay event data, such as CAD or 911 calls. All media is digitally signed when uploaded to ensure chain of custody.

Private Entity Integration

Hitachi Visualization Suite offers the ability to easily integrate with third-party cameras and IoT systems to maximize coverage and insights without duplicating hardware and costs. These cameras can enhance visibility for emergency responders, law enforcement, and security teams into key areas of cities and wide areas of a city without large investments in additional fixed camera assets. This ability also increases the amount of data analyzed by Hitachi Video Analytics to provide insights and alerts for business, operational and security intelligence. A registration page can be added to any organization’s website to promote and simplify the addition of private cameras.

  • Allows unlimited data layers.
  • Supports real time video and IoT data from disparate sources.
  • Delivers automated workflow and collaborative operations applications.
  • Offers the ability to correlate data from disparate systems.
  • Integrates any type of event source.
  • Combines alerts from video analytics.
  • Integrates IoT sensors from utilities, machines, transit and traffic.
  • Supports video and security management.
  • Provides transportation management.
  • Integrates video storage.
  • Provides centralized system management.
  • Video management systems and new connectors: includes major systems, such as
  • Genetec, Milestone, OnSSI and others.
  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) or 911: most major systems.
  • Digital evidence management and predictive crime analytics.
  • Sensity smart lighting systems.
  • Gunshot detection: Shotspotter, Safety Dynamics and others.
  • License plate recognition: most major systems.
  • Live weather radar.
  • Automatic identification system (AIS) alerts.
  • Social media.
  • Traffic systems.
  • Crime and incident data.
  • Intuitive API for custom integration with third-party applications.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Third-party analytics applications: Morpho, Live Face Matching, drone detection and others.


Deliver Actionable Intelligence Through IoT

The internet of things brings together people, machines and software to make more informed decisions and improve outcomes. Hitachi Visualization Suite embodies this evolution by providing real insights that contribute to better and safer cities, companies and organizations. It's just one example of how Hitachi makes the world smarter.

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