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Hitachi Application Reliability Services

Solution Brief

February 2022


Cloud Workload Management and Technology to Deliver Your Cloud, Your Way

The right cloud strategy can accelerate digital innovation and business agility, but two-thirds of organizations state they aren’t seeing the benefits expected from the cloud due to security and compliance issues, application sprawl, or a lack of cloud skills. Many companies rushed to the cloud for its promise of agility, cost savings, and business flexibility but are instead finding themselves struggling with the complexity of managing a sprawling, multicloud environment, slowing innovation, and driving up costs.

Hitachi Application Reliability Services is a new suite of professional and managed services designed to address these challenges. Advisory and consulting services help clients build, deploy, and run a modern cloud architecture, while managed services ensure cloud applications and workloads run reliably, at scale, and on budget.

The new Hitachi Application Reliability Services suite includes:

Hitachi Application Reliability Services

Cloud Modernization Services

FinOps Services

Cloud Operations Services

Managed Services for Cloud Operations

These services are instrumental in laying the groundwork for state-of-the-art CloudOps. They include digital advisory services, cloud migration services, application modernization services, and AI & Insight services.

Our cloud FinOps services assess your cloud costs relative to benchmarks and identify areas for cost optimization, delivering average savings of 30%. Given that application design can be a significant source of cloud consumption costs, we help you design for cost to gain control of the new cloud consumption models.

We start by analyzing your current CloudOps environment across five dimensions: development, observability, resilience, scalability, and change management. Then we design and execute an end-to-end plan, build, deploy, run lifecycle based on DevOps and SRE practices and your unique environment.

Our cloud management services are delivered through our Application Reliability Centers, physical and virtual centers of excellence. We work with you at these co-innovation facilities to fully implement, manage, and monitor top-to-bottom tech and process stacks for cloud workloads and support learning, experimentation, and POC development.


Cloud Advisory Services from Hitachi Vantara, Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara, Application Modernization Services from Hitachi Vantara


Hitachi Cloud FinOps Services


Hitachi Cloud Operations Services


Hitachi Application Reliability Center

The result is comprehensive management of your workloads across all clouds - private, public, or hybrid cloud.

The Components of Hitachi Application Reliability Services

Cloud Modernization Services

When starting a journey toward mature cloud operations, some of your applications, operational technology stack, analytics, and related processes will need a refresh. Cloud modernization services can be applied across the entire plan, build, deploy, operate lifecycle and include cloud advisory, cloud migration, application modernization, and AI & Insight services. Hitachi’s E3 methodology (Envision, Evaluate, Execute) provides a framework for assessing your applications portfolio and CloudOps maturity.

PLAN: Cloud Advisory Services from Hitachi Vantara


Cloud Migration Services from Hitachi Vantara, Application Modernization Services from Hitachi Vantara

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s application portfolio to create a detailed strategy for cloud adoption. By analyzing application cost, reliability, and criticality, we’ll help you determine which workloads make financial and operational sense to keep on-premises, which ones should be moved to the cloud, and which applications should be retired, rehosted, and re-architected to accelerate innovation. We create the team, define the migration and modernization services required, implement the tech stack and integrations, and update the apps, so cloud operations can come to life combining many organizations into one process. Once implemented, the deployed process and technology are monitored and run from the Hitachi Application Reliability Center.
Hitachi has done more than 1,000 migrations, and the team holds more than 1,000+ hyperscaler technology certifications. Hitachi has more than 4,000 full-stack engineers ready to bring CloudOps to life.

Cloud FinOps Services

Hitachi Cloud FinOps Services implements a three-step process to help you gain visibility and control of your cloud costs and investments.

STEP 1: Take Stock of Your Environment STEP 2: Establish KPIs and Governance Rules To Keep You on Track STEP 3: Automate To Operate Predictably
We start with an assessment of your current IT environment and cloud ecosystem. Getting visibility and control over your cloud spending starts with a detailed evaluation of your current state. We’ll work with you to set goals and define strategies for cost optimization as well as a long-term approach. We assess your cloud costs relative to benchmarks and identify areas where costs can be optimized, delivering average savings of 30%. We'll help you set up a continuous, iterative cost avoidance and cost reduction model. This model will help you consistently optimize for cost, speed, and quality and constantly monitor your overall consumption of cloud services.

Every organization has unique business needs, so making the right tradeoffs throughout the process is essential. Our Cloud FinOps services will give you the visibility and guidance to make the right decisions to optimize cloud spending and accelerate innovation.

Cloud Operations Services

Just as cloud infrastructure is now delivered “as-a-Service,” so will the process of designing and running a DevOps and SRE-based cloud operations process and technology stack. Hitachi Cloud Operations Services start by analyzing your current CloudOps landscape across five dimensions: development, observability, resilience, scalability, and change management.

From this assessment, -- and by analyzing your application costs, reliability, and criticality -- we will help you determine which workloads make financial and operational sense to be kept on-premises, which ones should be moved to the cloud, and which ones should be retired, rehosted or re-architected. Hitachi then implements always-on operations to bring DevOps and SRE practices to life and will perform regular checkups to ensure continuous progress. Our clients have achieved 50 percent reductions in ongoing operating costs and 60 percent reductions in risk with this approach.

Hitachi Application Reliability Center

The Hitachi Application Reliability Center combines a center of excellence and an operations center.

Companies come to learn, experiment, and build prototypes for application modernization and cloud operations. They can also consult with Hitachi Vantara’s experts about the latest cloud modernization processes and technology.

Using the Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform, a cloud-agnostic end-to-end portfolio of technology, best-in-class frameworks, design patterns, automated tools, and people, a detailed plan can be created to support cloud migration, modernization, and operations.

Once Hitachi has implemented Cloud Operations services for an application or workload, the Hitachi Applications Reliability Center becomes a cloud operations center to monitor, run, and optimize the process. Powered by AI, 360-degree observability provides smarter insights into the health of cloud services and automates root-cause analysis and issue remediation. Using SRE principles and KPIs (fault tolerances, error budgets, and a common backlog), IT teams can better assess and establish service level objectives (SLOs) and collaborate to meet their organization’s tolerances for application and data performance, governance, compliance, and cost.

Enabled by AI-driven accelerators, solution cores, tools, frameworks, methodologies, processes, technology, and people, these centers of excellence assist our clients in managing and optimizing cloud applications for resiliency, performance, cost, security, and compliance. Hitachi Application Reliability Centers deliver co-innovation and SRE-as-a-service to automate the lifecycle management (build, deploy, run and operate) of all workloads running in the cloud (hybrid, multicloud, distributed) and provide a reliable, KPI-driven centralized cloud operation.

Why Hitachi?

Hitachi Application Reliability Services make it easier to get the full value of the cloud by leveraging our experts and expertise with mature CloudOps tools, processes, and SRE-led frameworks to manage your workloads.

Companies working with us can achieve:

  • 30% reduction in the total cost of operations
  • 15% improved operational efficiency
  • 60% reduced risk
  • 360-degree observability

Hitachi has performed upwards of 1,000 cloud migrations, has obtained more than 1,000 hyperscaler technology certifications, and has a team of over 4,000 full-stack cloud engineers ready to help.

By working with us, you can focus on your business and leave the complex task of cloud operations to the experts at Hitachi.

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