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Hitachi Vantara and Brocade drive your growth-optimized, data-centric future with industry leading solutions for performance, agility, scale and security.

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What it means for you

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The partnership for pace and peace of mind.

Bringing together two industry titans, this alliance puts a safe pair of hands at the heart of your infrastructure. Designed to help organizations keep on top of complexity, secure services and reduce risk, our easy-to-manage, self-healing SAN and storage solutions come with iron-clad availability guarantees, built-in failovers, problem detection and process automation.

The difference between growth and stagnation? Your infrastructure.

Applications are being developed right now that could make or break the future of your business. Are your storage and network fast and smart enough to deliver what those applications promise? With SAN and storage solutions from Hitachi Vantara and Brocade, you’ll exceed expectations across the organization for resilient, reliable, real-time access to every service, new and old.


Achieve new levels of speed and agility, scale and performance that today’s always-on, ‘instant’ world demands, but that cumbersome legacy solutions can’t deliver.


Avoid operational, financial, and reputational disruption with Hitachi’s legendary 100% data availability guarantee and Brocade’s industry-defining networking resilience.


Reduce costs and drive efficiency with in-built process automation and seamlessly integrated, end-to-end management solutions.


Ensure data recoverability, while reducing risk and driving cost efficiencies with the simple, automated, end-to-end data security controls.

Solution Profile: Hitachi Vantara and Brocade

The ideal modern architecture for best-in-class storage networking to immediate and lasting business agility.

Embrace the future of storage networking

12 reasons why storage and networking upgrades go hand-in-hand – and why Hitachi Vantara and Brocade offer the best way to do both.

ESG tests Brocade Gen 7 against the top 3 congestion challenges.

See how Brocade Gen 7 measures up against application performance and reliability across an organization’s SAN.

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If your SAN and legacy storage are struggling to meet today’s performance, availability and security pressures, they won’t stand a chance with tomorrow’s. Don’t just upgrade – get in touch to see how with Hitachi and Brocade, you can power up.