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Hitachi Vantara’s Intelligent New Platform for Mid-Sized Enterprises Delivers Lower Data Storage Costs – Guaranteed

Brian Householder

April 21, 2020

Today, I’m immensely proud to introduce a Hitachi Vantara data storage platform that breaks new ground in terms of performance, reliability, intelligent automation and flexible and predictable pricing.

I’m especially excited that our new Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990 with Hitachi Ops Center brings our industry-best reliability and performance to a price point that is accessible to midsized enterprises and growth companies. It also completes our line-up of VSP models for growing enterprises, adding an all-NVMe option for midsized enterprises, while taking advantage of the powerful management tools used by our VSP 5100 solution, the world’s fastest data storage array.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, you should know Hitachi Vantara sets the gold standard in data storage. We ranked #1 on 451 Research’s 2019 Voice of the Enterprise Primary Storage Vendor ratings, beating Dell, IBM, NetApp, HPE, Amazon and Pure Storage. We specifically scored highest for Resiliency/Uptime, Customer Service and Support, and Professional Services.

We have earned those ratings by meeting the needs of more than 80 of the Fortune 100 for decades, and now we’re bringing the same bullet-proof performance and world-class service to mid-sized enterprises, including our 100% data availability guarantee.

What Problems Does the new Hitachi Vantara VSP E990 Solve?

Mid-sized enterprises are the growth engines of our economy. They lead in the adoption of emerging technologies, like AI, ML, and cloud native applications. At the same time, they rarely have a wealth of IT resources to draw upon, as they focus instead on driving growth and forging a path to profitability and beyond.

Does that sound like your company? Then we have something special for you with the E990.

  • We’ll free up 75% of Your Storage Capacity – Guaranteed. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. The VSP E990 with Hitachi Ops Center management software delivers 4:1 data de-duplication – twice that of the nearest competitor. If you’re grappling with an overwhelming flood of data, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to like the sound of freeing up 75% of storage capacity.
  • We’ll reduce manual storage provisioning tasks by up to 90%. What would you rather have your IT team spending their time on: provisioning storage for a rapidly expanding array of containerized cloud native applications, or enabling the growth of your enterprise? By leveraging AIOps, the VSP E990 with Hitachi Ops Center automates a huge portion of manual tasks so your valuable IT staff can focus on delivering maximum ROI.
  • We’ll deliver best-in-class performance and reliability to your business applications. In all likelihood, your business apps don’t just enable your business, they’re critical to it, which means downtime is pain time. Hitachi Vantara has offered a 100% data availability guarantee for almost two decades, and we’re bringing it to mid-sized enterprises with the all-flash NVMe-supercharged E990. So, say ‘hello’ to high-performance AI and ML applications, and kiss ‘goodbye’ to infrastructure-related application downtime.
  • We’re delivering the most flexible consumption models in our history. Overprovisioning of data storage can add up to 20% to IT costs. Capex purchases can similarly tie up a whole lot of cash. In this time of considerable uncertainty, my shareholders expect me to focus on profitability, and to prioritize OpEx over CapEx outlays anywhere I can. We’re offering you the same options with our new EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara consumption programs. You want to pay a monthly fixed price for your data storage? No problem. You want to pay only for what you use, or to have us manage your storage infrastructure for you? It’s done. EverFlex offers all those cloud-like consumption and payment options. In short, there’s never been an easier way to get your hands on the best performing data storage money can buy.
  • VSP E990 Completes Hitachi Vantara’s Line of VSP Models for Growing Enterprises – The E990 meets the needs of mid-sized customers who require the benefits of NVMe low latency (whereas the VSP F900 is SAS), but don’t require the scale or media agnostic features of the VSP 5100. We think the VSP E990 is also going to appeal to existing enterprise customers who can leverage the platform as a lower cost option for their high-performance workload requirements.

In short, I think you’re going to love the E990.

I think Hitachi Vantara’s growing network of value-added resellers are going to love it too.

If you are a reseller interested in the new platform, I urge you to check out Hitachi Vantara channel partner leader Kim King’s blog here for details of how we can help you make money by solving your customers’ problems.

Finally, I want to leave you with the strong assurance that a ton of great innovation has preceded the VSP E990, and a ton of great innovation is still to come. If you haven’t checked it out already, I encourage you to take a look at the Hitachi Vantara three-year technology roadmap here.

Still want more? Then look at the replay of our Hitachi Vantara VSP E990 launch event. I know you’ll be impressed!