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Pentaho 9.3 Suite Drives Modern Business Intelligence Across the Hybrid Cloud

Prasad Illapani
Director of Product Management, Lumada Data Integration, Hitachi Vantara

April 27, 2022

Hitachi Vantara’s latest improvements to Pentaho make it significantly easier for organizations to move data workloads from on premises to the cloud and back again. The new Pentaho 9.3 Long-Term Support (LTS), part of Hitachi’s Lumada portfolio, offers a cloud deployment option that we anticipate will be a critical accelerant of data-driven transformation. Customers can now spin up Pentaho data integration container pods in the cloud quickly to run data transformation workloads, benefitting from the enhanced performance and cost-efficiency of the cloud. The result will be a substantially improved, more fluid hybrid cloud experience for Pentaho users.

Complete, Cloud-Ready Docker Images

The key capability in Pentaho 9.3 technology is a new cloud deployment option that increases your flexibility to manage data operations. We’ve taken the Pentaho Data Integration server from your on-premises version of Pentaho software and developed a standardized Docker image of data integration, business analytics, and Carte server components. This cloud-ready image brings together the power of the Pentaho Kettle engine to execute on-demand data transformation, under the control of Carte, a user interface, role-based access control, and scheduling environment.

The Docker image will be available via a new bash shell script we call, DocMaker, available in the command line. From there, using Pentaho 9.3 software customers can install the container files, including all the scripts associated with container start-up and operation, ready for deployment. Customers can also build their own Pentaho Docker images and then spin up containers to support Pentaho components including Pentaho Server, Carte Server, Pentaho Data Integration (kitchen/pan), and Spoon.

These complete docker images on Kubernetes put everything you need to deploy and run on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account at your fingertips. The solution is well on its way to certification for AWS, and other hyperscalers including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are expected to follow shortly. These certifications will ensure availability of native support and documentation with best practices

Accelerating Digital Transformation

It has long been possible to run Pentaho software in the cloud (via virtual machines) simply by installing and running it on your platform of choice. As is so often the case when a company tries to run any software intended for on-premises deployment in the cloud, deploying Pentaho software on cloud platforms previously required a fair amount of configuration and tuning.

Now your organization can move forward with cloud deployments confidently knowing it can rely on complete images from Hitachi Vantara. These images will be continually updated and supported, so you’ll be able to simply download the latest files from the Pentaho support portal page via the Docmaker command line tool.

Pentaho 9.3 software also makes it easy to take on-premises workloads and run them in a cloud environment, complete with existing data volumes and datasets that your workload requires. Simply configure the connectivity for the source from Pentaho software on-premises to Pentaho software in a cloud, and you are ready to go. Returning workloads to on-premises resources is similarly effortless.

In short, anything that you could run on Pentaho technology, you can now run in a container in the cloud and manage alongside your other Pentaho workloads. Pentaho 9.3 software is a significant step in the journey toward a genuinely seamless hybrid cloud solution that simplifies decisions to manage all of your data operations for various use case scenarios. The new cloud deployment option is a crucial step toward Hitachi Vantara’s vision of enabling enterprises to deliver their trusted data across business and operations using an integrated DataOps platform to optimize their data fabric, from integration to governance and analytics.

To learn even more about Pentaho 9.3 and see some of the latest features in action, register for our webinar on May 26th at 12:00PM ET.

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Prasad Illapani is Director, Lumada Product Management, Hitachi Vantara.

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Prasad Illapani

Prasad Illapani is Director of Product Management, Lumada Data Integration, at Hitachi Vantara.