“Lead by example, so other women know it’s possible.”

- Karolina Wilczynska

Women of Hitachi Vantara

Inspiring Women Inspire the Future.

The women of Hitachi Vantara are inspiring the future. We recognize that when we empower women to excel as their authentic selves, they will help create innovations that make the world better for everyone.

Women of Hitachi Vantara

At Hitachi Vantara we’re committed to creating an environment where women can lead and thrive. We empower them by supporting their professional development, helping them navigate their career and life choices, and by giving them flexibility to work in a way that suits them best.

Promoting Gender Equality

We believe the diversity of talent in technology is key to solving today’s most complex issues and challenges.

Nurturing Through Community

A like-minded community working together to build skills, knowledge and celebrate each other’s success.

Define Your Excellence

We provide the tools, support and an inclusive culture so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Flexibility Meets Balance

We’re passionate advocates of work-life balance and work hard to meet everyone’s unique needs.

The Power of Diversity

Gender equality and inclusivity is inherent to creating an environment where everyone feels empowered.