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It feels good when you find the perfect role for you and being able to grow in different roles.

Anna Pietrucha Anna Pietrucha
Manager, Global IT Service Desk, EMEA, Krakow, Poland

Give us an insight into your growth at Hitachi Vantara

I started my journey with Hitachi Vantara in December 2018 as a Service Desk Specialist. After more than a year, I moved to Desktop Operations Team and thanks to this opportunity I was able to add on to my technical skills and discover other aspects of customer support. In February 2022, I moved back to the Service Desk Team and got promoted to Service Desk Manager responsible for EMEA Region.

I am in charge of the Service Desk Team, which is based in Krakow, Poland. We currently have a team of six people who provide technical support to our users across the world.

“It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that HV is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles.”

Anna Pietrucha, Manager, Global IT Service Desk, EMEA, Krakow, Poland

Being a female in technology industry — your journey and advice for others

A challenge that I faced was the feeling of not being taken seriously or being listened to at various stages in my career. I used to feel less empowered in situations where I was in the minority, or when I didn’t have confidence in the topic. With time I learnt to deal with this by working on my confidence talking about topics I was familiar with or not being fearful about asking questions when it was about my domain.

For other women, I have a few suggestions about progressing in your career.  

  1. Never stop learning! This is an industry that is constantly changing — by learning and adding onto your skills, you will stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Do not be afraid of getting outside of your comfort zone because coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle but awesome in the end. And it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. But no matter what you’re feeling, remember that hard work pays off.

Working at Hitachi Vantara — culture, work, and your accomplishments

I love working with the great people that we have at HV. And when you work here, you’ll realize that you have instant access to experts in every field.

Another aspect that I love at HV is the liberty to bring new ideas – here you can voice your ideas, concerns, opinions. No matter the subject, you are encouraged to speak up, and people will listen.

I consider my greatest accomplishment to be my growth into my current role. I am happy and proud of my transition and journey from being a Service Desk Specialist to being the manager responsible for the EMEA region.

Why consider a career at Hitachi Vantara

It is an awesome feeling when you find the perfect role for you, and I find it amazing that HV is able and willing to let its employees grow through different roles. While working here, I had a chance to interact with a lot of skilled, passionate, and open-minded people (growth-mindset as we call it). I am learning a lot from my colleagues and managers, who come from different departments, countries, with studies and experience in different areas but all with one element in common - the passion for innovating things and to do them perfectly.

Why HV — you would be surrounded by curious people wherever you go and would be able to share new things about your language and culture, new ideas and what not. In HV, we really value our diversity. This cultural diversity allows us to advance our talent and skills and is critical to building a healthy, growing, and inclusive organization.