Hitachi Data Ingestor

Extend Your Cloud Further Than Ever

Simplify file services and reduce storage costs with elastic, scalable, backup-free cloud storage gateways.

Deliver Bottomless, Backup-Free Storage From Your Cloud

Reduce Storage and Backup Costs

  • Cloud storage gateway reduces IT costs and the complexity of file services
  • The gateway connects remote locations to advanced data center storage and management capabilities
  • Centralized file services offer greater control, security and data protection for the customers of cloud service providers
  • Enterprise Benefits of Object Storage

    Sector roadmap examines object storage and how HCP Anywhere stacks up to enterprise solutions.

Hitachi Content Platform provides us with the perfect solution to our intensive storage, archiving and sharing needs across our many remote offices, while also giving us additional business benefits of improving our overall IT infrastructure.
– Hendrik Heerema, IT manager, Ballast Nedam

Adapt File Services to the Cloud

Mix Local and Cloud Storage and Simplify File Services Outside the Data Center

  • Hitachi Data Ingestor acts as a caching device to provide remote users and applications with seemingly endless storage
  • The cloud gateway connects remote sites to the data center without application recoding or changes in the way users get their data
  • Support for Server Message Block (SMB) and Network File System (NFS) protocols eases migration from traditional NAS-to-cloud-based file services
  • Extend Enterprise File Services Beyond the Data Center

    Increase productivity and efficiency in distributed IT environments.

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Easily Deliver File Services Outside Your Data Center

Fast Deployment, Easy Management

Provide cloud storage services to users or customers by centrally configuring, provisioning and managing file services.

Centralized, Consolidated Cloud Storage

Automatically distribute content and eliminate the need to plan for growth on a site-by-site basis through access to limitless, cloud-scale storage.

Nondisruptive Transformation to Cloud Storage

Users and applications work as they do today while transitioning from traditional file services to REST-based (representational state transfer based) object storage.


Eliminate Traditional Backup at Remote Locations

No Need for Traditional Backup

Delivers more consistent, cost-effective and reliable data protection compared to tape backups at each remote site.

Eliminate Single-Point-of-Failure Risks

Remote sites rebuild themselves using data from the central data center where it is maintained, protected and always available.

Integrate Data Preservation and Security

Integrates with Hitachi Content Platform for governance and regulatory compliance with encryption, overwrite protection, automated retention and more.


Reliable, Secure, Shared Access to Content

Content Sharing Among Collaborative Teams

Enables more productive work teams by sharing a common data repository across data centers, remote offices and mobile workers.

Designate Files to Maintain Locally

You can control immediate access to the most frequently used and critical files along with fast access to less critical data.

Mobile Access to NAS Files

Files are available anytime, anywhere on any device through integration with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere.


Protect Existing Investments While Transforming for the Future

Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Cloud-Based File Services

Unite existing user and application data with data from new and emerging applications in a common cloud-storage repository.

Mobilize Data by Integrating Cloud Gateways and File Sync and Share

Enable more productive and collaborative teams with access and sharing of data anytime, anywhere on any device.

Deliver Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud Storage Services

Seamlessly accommodate any deployment model using our cloud gateway software with your choice of hardware.

Simplify Migration From Traditional File Servers

Automatically migrate data from existing file servers to Hitachi Data Ingestor.
Cloud Adoption Risks and Rewards
Cloud Adoption Risks and Rewards
The Economist states that the most desired rewards for cloud deployments include greater scalability and business continuity.
Checklist for Content Mobility
Checklist for Content Mobility
Ready for next-generation storage? Check out our content mobility readiness checklist.
Hitachi Data Ingestor
Hitachi Data Ingestor
Provides file services to distributed consumers of IT, such as remote and branch offices or cloud users.
Extend Enterprise File Services
Extend Enterprise File Services
Increase productivity and efficiency in distributed IT environments.
Remotely Provision HDI
Remotely Provision HDI
See how easy it is to remotely provision Hitachi Data Ingestor.
Lab Validation: Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio
ESG evaluates the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio, including HCP, HCP Anywhere, Data Ingestor and Content Intelligence.


The breadth and depth of Hitachi technologies and services are what get us out of fire-fighting mode and into enablement, so we can foster revenue generation.

– Pravine Balkaran, Global Head of IT, Spin Master

Hitachi beat the competition by really understanding our business, the technical challenges, and earning our trust. With Hitachi we have built a well-engineered, thoroughly tested, highly scalable and stable solution.

– Christer Hasse, Founder and CEO, Solido Hosting A/S

Xinhua News Agency

With the Hitachi NAS Platform and Hitachi Content Platform cloud storage solution, Xinhua News Agency will become the first news agency to adopt disks for streaming media asset storage in China.

– Jiao Lu, Leader of Cloud Media Asset Project Team Audio-Visual Data Division, Technology Department, Xinhua News Agency

Forecasting our future data requirements is difficult, and particularly challenging when it comes to research data. We are confident that the Hitachi solution has provided us with a reliable, futureproof infrastructure, designed to scale with us as we grow.

– Dr. Matthew Storey, Systems Technical Coordinator, Lancaster University

KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd.

Most of our corporate customers need a variety of cloud services and Hitachi Unified Storage 150 can serve a wide range of requirements. After testing storage solutions of many brands, we saw that HUS 150 can deliver performances as per its specification and to answer their project objective.

– Narathippaphong Chittaleark, System Manager, Internet Technology Department, KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd.

Entertainment, Children's Toy Manufacturing
Services: Information Technology
Government, Media
Higher Education and Research Facility
Services: Internet Service Provider

Hitachi Data Ingestor

Server Model
Quanta Nitro D51B2
Cluster Diskless
Quanta Nitro D51B2
Quanta Nitro D51B2
Virtual Machine
Any server running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V
Qty(2) Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3, 6C, 2.4GHz
Cluster Diskless
Qty(2) Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3, 6C, 2.4GHz
Qty(2) Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3, 6C, 2.4GHz
Virtual Machine
CPU: 2x ES-620 (2.40GHz, 4 core)
Cluster Diskless
Virtual Machine
Hitachi VSP G2000 (8TB usable)
Cluster Diskless
Any Hitachi storage (any supported capacity)
Internal HDDs (4TB, 8TB, 16TB or 40TB usable) or Internal SSD (400GB or 800GB)
Virtual Machine
Up to 13 2TB LUNs
Cluster Diskless
Virtual Machine


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