Hybrid Cloud

Move to secure, scalable hybrid cloud with a mix of on-premises private cloud and third-party public cloud services.

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Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Hybrid Cloud combines your private cloud environment with public cloud resources so your workloads are where you need them.

Fast and Agile

  • Place data and applications where they need to be.
  • Shift locations when needed.

Increase Your Control

  • Customize private portions of your hybrid cloud.
  • Reconfigure your multi cloud environments when necessary.

Optimize Cloud Security

  • Take advantage of the power and services of public cloud.
  • Retain private cloud control of your cloud infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud: Best of Private and Public Clouds

Hitachi Is Your Hybrid Cloud Solution

Whether you start from an on-premise private cloud and want to expand to public cloud or start from the public cloud and want to move some apps to on-premise, Hitachi can help!

Private Cloud for

Private cloud is perfect for your traditional virtualized applications and any applications or data sets that need to stay on-premise and within your firewall.

Cloud Native in
Public Cloud

Public cloud is the right solution for fast and agile application development and testing and for hosting all of your cloud native applications and workloads.

Both at the
Same Time

Hybrid cloud is an integrated solution that combines private cloud with public cloud to meet your specific cloud requirements both now and into the future.

Talk to a Cloud Expert

Find out more about how Hitachi can help you optimize your hybrid cloud environment, from strategy to implementation to ongoing management.


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