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Flexible Hybrid Cloud for Today and Tomorrow

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Hybrid cloud solutions, powered by Hitachi and VMware, empower customers to flexibly deploy and manage their workloads in a combination of on-premises, public clouds, hosted colocations, and edge locations for the best SLA in performance, cost, availability, and security. Designed with a focus on advanced automation, comprehensive data services, and data availability, market-proven solutions maximize hybrid cloud benefits across vertical domains

Hybrid cloud with VMware + Hitachi, gives you a complete end-to-end, pre-designed and engineered cloud solution. You now have the power to easily deploy, manage, and orchestrate all your mission-critical data, apps, and microservices across edge, core, and multicloud. Deliver every workload at the right place, with the right performance, for the right cost.

Hitachi Sessions at VMware Explore 2023

Theater Session

Building private cloud solutions for running high-performance applications.

More to come soon! More to come soon!

Breakout Session

The Next Generation of Data Empowerment using Industry Clouds

More to come soon! More to come soon!

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Live Demo Tours

Visit us at the Hitachi Vantara booth for interactive solution demos of our latest innovations:

  • Hybrid Cloud Operations
  • Ransomware Recovery
  • Modern Application Infrastructure
  • Unified Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Management
  • And much more…

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