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Shaping the Future of Transportation in the Face of the Pandemic

By Justin Bean

Every January, Las Vegas plays host to technophiles from around the globe coming to check out the latest in high-tech gadgets and solutions at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We’ve always been astounded by the new innovations CES brings to us every year, from drone swarms, AI and 3D lidar for smart cities and autonomous vehicles to bendable smartphones and holographic sneaker displays. As you might expect amid the ongoing pandemic, the City of Lights will be a much different scene in 2021 as CES goes virtual for the first time in its 53-year history. That’s not to say the city isn’t playing host to some really cool technology this year.

Overseeing transit for Las Vegas and its surrounding communities, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada recently deployed thermal imaging solutions to help prevent its 1,500 employees and contractors – including drivers and those interacting directly with the public – from entering company facilities with an elevated body temperature.

Using a thermal camera and machine learning software, the AT&T IoT Video Intelligence solution with Hitachi Vantara’s Smart Spaces technology helps RTC mitigate the risks of COVID-19 exposure of staff and community in an efficient, effective manner. As part of the organization’s greater digital initiatives, the deployment is an excellent example of a leading organization adapting to the challenges at hand while establishing a platform for future digital innovation.

In many essential industries – from restaurants and food production to manufacturing and transportation – Digital Health and Safety Solutions have become essential to not only maintaining operations but better preparing to build a digital foundation for tomorrow’s innovations. As we wait for vaccines to become more widely available, we’re excited to create more exciting solutions with our customers to navigate the times ahead.

While we’re hopeful that CES – along everything else – returns to normal soon, we’re happy to see that technology and innovation are going strong in Las Vegas this January.

For additional information on improving health and safety through technology and data-driven policies, have a look at our best practices guide.

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