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Are You Considering an MSP for Managed Cloud Services?

Industry Expert: Martin Mocker
Research Affiliate at MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

June 22, 2021

As more and more IT infrastructure and workloads shift to the cloud, so has infrastructure management. Faced with skill shortages and an endless procession of new features and functionality many enterprises are embracing managed cloud services to help them work effectively in the public cloud environment. Enterprises are turning to managed services to deliver better cloud operations and governance, supplement cloud skills shortages, and adopt new cloud features faster.

Read the Forrester Report: Push Your MSP To Match Your Dynamic Cloud Journey by Forrester analyst Bill Martorelli published February 20, 2020 to learn why MSPs are stepping up to the plate to help solve management issues enterprises are facing in their cloud journeys. The report educates I&O leaders on the realities of the market and best practices for selecting the right partner.

How Do You Know Managed Services is Right For You?

Cloud Data Platforms with modern architectures and advanced analytics present challenges to many companies – not just those new to cloud. There are many reasons enterprises are moving to managed services to help with these challenges.  If you find your organization experiencing any of the following issues, it may be a good time to consider working with an MSP:

  • We need to go to the cloud; however, we also need to manage our portfolio on-premises.
  • We spend too much time maintaining and managing our applications.
  • We need to reduce cost and increase efficiency. There are too many applications to manage and maintain.
  • Our customers do not have a great experience with our products.
  • Our products are not responsive enough. The next gen of this product will have to be smarter and in the cloud.
  • My employees are spending too much time maintaining and managing our applications and do not have the skills or understand how to ….

Choosing an MSP Provider with Cloud Expertise

Managing in the cloud requires a new approach and involves new skills. Today’s technology landscape is highly interdependent. We have hybrid IT, hybrid cloud, multiclouds and distributed clouds. There are many vendors, and most organizations have a shortage of talent with skills to navigate this complexity.

MSPs are not strangers to tackling new markets and challenges. Their business models and strengths lie in targeting new technology markets where customer requirements are diverse and where skills, best practices and credible experiences are difficult for the average enterprise to obtain organically.

In the Forrester Report: Push Your MSP To Match Your Dynamic Cloud Journey, Forrester analyst Bill Martorelli takes much of the mystery out for the managed services market and provides guidance for companies choosing an MSP wherever they are in the cloud adoption lifecycle. Read or download your complimentary copy today.