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Innovating To Improve Society: Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021

Hicham Abdessamad
Chairman & CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd

April 15, 2021

Cities and communities around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. Issues surrounding climate change, carbon emissions, natural resource depletion and clean water and air are reaching a breaking point. On top of it all, our society is still in recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Hitachi realizes these wide-ranging challenges, and has formed its mission around improving people’s lives, the communities they live in, and the businesses they work in – all while stewarding our environment.

At Hitachi, we focus on creating value for society, the environment and the economy. The balance of these three is crucial, and a reason Hitachi is placing an emphasis on Social Innovation.

What is Social Innovation?

For Hitachi, Social Innovation is simply using innovation and digital technology to solve society’s biggest problems. As a leading company in advancing the digital transformation of social infrastructure, Hitachi’s goal is to bring thinkers and doers together to solve some of the most urgent and critical issues that businesses are facing today.

We don’t have all the answers, so we drive innovation by cultivating partnerships. We then leverage our expertise, resources and passion to make a difference to create business solutions that improves people’s lives, helps our environment and raises our partners’ and customers’ corporate value. We do this by creating solutions that not only align with our corporate strategic vision, but also power good in the world we live in.

Shaping the Future with Data-Driven Solutions

That is why I am unbelievably excited for the 2021 Hitachi Social Innovation Forum (HSIF). Our three-day virtual event focuses on how Hitachi and its partners and customers are working together to create next-generation, data-driven solutions that generate social, environmental and economic value. Each day of the conference focuses on a specific pillar, providing in-depth insights on Hitachi’s approach to each piece of our Social Innovation Business.

I have the honor of being the keynote speaker on day two of the event, which will focus on environmental conservation, social infrastructure resiliency, safety, and security. At Hitachi, we embrace our responsibility to collaborate with other innovators in both the public and private sector to drive mass adoption of new green technologies and digital solutions to create a better, more decarbonized society. I am excited to share several projects that Hitachi is working on that help communities and businesses alike, and are accelerating decarbonization efforts in transportation and cities.

The Importance of Partnerships

Two of our strategic partnerships and projects will be featured during our panel on day two of HSIF. Our first panelist will be Duane Hughes, CEO of Workhorse Group. Hitachi has partnered with Workhorse to provide sustainable and cost-effective drone-integrated EVs to the last-mile delivery sector. Our second panelist will be Juan Santos, Senior VP of Brand Experience for Tavistock Development Company. Hitachi has partnered with Tavistock to plan, design and construct new, sustainable and innovative property developments.

Each of these opportunities represents a step forward in how Hitachi can provide sustainable growth options for various industries and businesses. Through collaboration, we can develop new solutions and business models that enable the global transition to electric vehicles and clean energy technologies for communities. Partners like Workhorse and Tavistock are the reason Hitachi can truly find balance in providing social, environmental and economic value, creating Social Innovation that works long-term and makes our world a better place.

In addition, we have several featured speakers on day two with major accomplishments as innovation leaders and international recognition for using data and technology to create a better future. We are excited to unveil our presenting thought leaders as we get closer to the event.

Please Join Us at HSIF Americas 2021

I can’t wait to learn from our speakers and panelist on day two, and all the incredible professionals Hitachi has lined up for HSIF 2021. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from and engage with innovation thought leaders, top industry executives and the best of Hitachi.

With so much in store for the three-day event, I hope you can join me and the rest of Hitachi in learning about Social Innovation on May 25-27. Registration is free and is open right now at this link. I look forward to seeing you there!

Hicham Abdessamad is Chairman of Hitachi America, Ltd., Chief Executive of Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business, and Corporate Officer of Hitachi Ltd.

Hicham Abdessamad

Hicham Abdessamad is Chairman & CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd. and Chief Executive of Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business.