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Partnering with AWS on Amazon HealthLake to Speed Insights

Kerry Sims
Vice President, Americas Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hitachi Vantara

November 01, 2022

Gaps in patient healthcare, ranging from access and affordability, to those specific to race, gender, age and beyond, are widening across the US and leading to a variety of detrimental results for people, the healthcare system, and the economy itself.

Such ongoing disparities are slowing the country’s ability to achieve population health and accounting for billions of dollars in unnecessary health care spending annually. Finding creative ways to help healthcare systems close more of these gaps quickly, especially in the low wake of the pandemic, is of growing concern to a wide swath of enterprises across industries, and Hitachi Vantara is among them.

Enter Amazon HealthLake

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Hitachi Vantara has been selected as a launch partner for the new Amazon HealthLake (AHL) service. Amazon HealthLake is a purpose built, HIPAA-eligible service that provides data ingestion, storage, retrieval, and search capabilities using the health industry standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification.

AHL’s downstream data analytics enable quicker turnaround times and is transforming the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. We anticipate leveraging AHL’s features to support customers by:

  • Analyzing population health trends, outcomes, and costs to identify the most appropriate intervention for a patient population.
  • Storing and evaluating clinical data to deliver quality measure dashboards and improve compliance.
  • Closing gaps in care, improving quality, and reducing cost by bringing together a complete view of a patient’s medical history.

The partnership with AWS augments our longtime work in healthcare. Hitachi has been a global leader in diagnostic and therapeutic innovations for Healthcare & Life Sciences over more than 50 years creating revolutionary technologies including MRI and Proton Beam Therapy. Building on this heritage, our solutions enable operational integration of predictive and prescriptive analytics extending from collaborative clinical research to drug development, patient risk profiling to disease progression modeling, pharmacotherapy decision-support and value-based care.

As challenges in patient care gap analysis, centralizing and standardizing data, and visualizing data trends, continue to grow, our work with AHL will help accelerate the speed with which healthcare systems are able to derive insights from their data. And as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we are excited to continue delivering results for our customers in the Healthcare and Life Sciences space.

Kerry Sims is Vice President, Americas Healthcare & Life Sciences, at Hitachi Vantara.

Kerry Sims

Kerry Sims is Vice President, Americas Healthcare & Life Sciences, at Hitachi Vantara.