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Recently Inked Partnership Bolsters Value for Joint Customers

Jason Hardy Jason Hardy
Chief Technology Officer for Artificial Intelligence

December 17, 2020

Hitachi Vantara has been named OEM Solutions Partner of the Year by WekaIO (Weka), as part of the Weka Innovation Network (WIN), WekaIO’s global partner program designed to deliver solutions that meet the performance demands of next-generation applications and workloads such as AI, analytics and high-performance computing.

Hitachi Vantara signed an OEM agreement with WekaIO in July 2020, solidifying a mutual partner relationship to deliver a jointly engineered, Hitachi Vantara branded solution to the market that will help customers speed time to value, reduce OPEX, shorten analytical workload times, and align with C-Level initiatives supporting High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning initiatives.

The result? A single offering that combines ultra-high performance derived from the Weka File System (WekaFS) with the massive scalability and advanced data management capabilities of Hitachi Content Platform object storage to reduce the high cost and complexity of running AI and analytics workloads, increase business agility and improve time to market.

Object storage has evolved from its use as ‘just’ an archive or tier 2 storage target and into an innovative platform aimed at addressing modern cloud workloads and tackling next generation data management challenges, especially as the rate of data increases exponentially. The size and types of workloads are fundamentally changing, and organizations need to focus not only on their ability to scale storage solutions, but also meet performance requirements. Object storage has become the go-to platform for businesses wanting to monetize their unstructured data.

By leveraging the advanced functionality of Hitachi Content Platform object storage that is tightly integrated with WekaFS, customers reap the benefits of distributed data protection and scale-out metadata services, snapshots to object storage with no performance loss, integrated tiering to disk and cloud bursting for best economics, NVMe-oF shared file system for performance and full protocol access.

Partnering with a trusted provider like WekaIO benefits not just Hitachi Vantara, but all of our customers as well.