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Ignite Growth at Hitachi Social Innovation Forum

Bjorn Andersson Bjorn Andersson
Senior Director, Global Digital Innovation Marketing & Strategy

March 31, 2021

Attend the Virtual Event that Unlocks Exponential Change for Exponential Growth

When it comes to growth, we at Hitachi fundamentally understand the power of harnessing a company’s core value and strengths to ignite its potential fully. More than 110 years ago, we entered the world market as a manufacturer and gradually built a thriving business around industrial enterprises like energy, transportation and healthcare, for example. After a few mere decades, we established our information technology business with data-storage and services prowess that fostered our ability to cultivate and deliver IT solutions. Today, our breadth and expertise span both OT and IT domains. Through our diverse portfolio of digital solutions and a sophisticated ecosystem of partners and influential leaders around the world, we now proudly serve a legion of industries: Our support extends beyond our original industrial focus to financial services, healthcare and life sciences, energy and utilities, retail, transportation and government.

The theme of nearly everything we do at Hitachi — what technology drivers impact our business model, how clients leverage us to gain a competitive edge, where and why we innovate, and who we partner with — is “exponential,” as in exponential growth and exponential change.

As Senior Director in the Global Industry Solutions Marketing team at Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi’s digital arm, I’ve observed from a unique vantage point our rapid rate of change and progress. Together with our sister companies, we have mastered a systematic approach to learn about a company’s past to shepherd them into the digital future. The journey has often been paved with unique pain points and outcomes. Still, in the end, our data-driven strategies, digital solutions and services have consistently delivered an operational core that renders agility, resilience and efficiency.

What makes us unique in the digital transformation market is that by “eating our own dog food” (using our own products), we’ve assimilated the consumer perspective to master the very solutions we offer our clients. Equipped with the user point of view, we leverage cross-disciplinary successes to prioritize focus areas and scale operational excellence — further illustrating how exponential change drives exponential growth.

Throughout my 10 years with Hitachi, I’ve lost count of instances where I pause and say, “Wow, I didn’t know we did that.” Such thoughts were followed by the somber realization that if I didn’t know, many others must share the same sentiment. In fact, it’s a comment we often hear from new customers that are exploring what Hitachi can do.

I’m both impressed by our ability to tap into our deep intuitional knowledge to transform a business and optimistic that our imprint on these companies will soon drive greater awareness of our capabilities. With that, it brings me great pleasure to invite you to attend Hitachi Social Innovation Forum, a virtual three-day event that showcases how leaders turn data into a better world. The free online experience, May 25-27, 2021, will explore data-driven strategies that disrupt industries and impact global markets.

By attending, you will have the opportunity to engage in business-oriented sessions, explore solutions and learn from our customers, partners and analysts. Roundtable discussions, themed sessions and thought-provoking keynote presentations will provide niche opportunities for attendees to heed firsthand accounts of successes and lessons learned from peers, partners, analysts, clients and leaders within relevant industries. Naturally, a full range of experts from various Hitachi businesses will be present to describe how they’re helping companies keep pace in the accelerated age of digitalization. And while they’re eager to share their experiences, the forum will also offer bold organizations an open platform to engage in conversations that promote social, environmental and economic advantages at a grander scale.

Conversations to look forward to include:

  • How the financial services industry will cope with pressures from emerging markets to become more open and sustainable.
  • What the integration of natural language processing (NLP) systems will mean to healthcare units and how they have dramatically impacted patient care.
  • Why it’s essential to save the rainforest and how data analytics can create environmentally conscious algorithms that can help mitigate wildlife anomalies.
  • What Industry 4.0 solutions have revolutionized the way manufacturers manage their supply chain and scale profitability.

For a complete view of the agenda, visit our Hitachi Social Innovation Forum webpage.

This free forum is for digitally aspirational companies looking to reimagine their business model and capture untapped customers and revenue streams.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of exponential growth? Register now.

Bjorn Andersson is Senior Director of Industry Solutions Marketing at Hitachi Vantara.

Bjorn Andersson

Bjorn Andersson

Bjorn has worked in technology development, product management and marketing for +25 years, with a focus on sustainability, digital transformation, analytics, visualization, HPC and IoT. Today, he provides strategic leadership for select industry practices at Hitachi Vantara.