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Top 2 Lessons Learned for Digital Transformation Success

Patricia Harris

October 01, 2020

What smart IT leaders have learned about making the digital pivot.

Is your IT infrastructure ready for today’s new normal? How do you prepare for a future that needs to rely upon a supercharged IT infrastructure? What strategies should you deploy in order to make a successful digital pivot?

Whether your business must support employees working from home, or you are expanding your online presence to ensure your customers can access your products, or you are counting on IT to help your business run more efficiently, more and more IT leaders are relying upon their digital transformation projects to deliver real business impact. Businesses are under increasing pressure to build, execute and attain these digital transformations and without a solid foundation, this process can lead to failure.1 Let’s explore the two critical lessons smart IT leaders have learned that are the base of successful digital transformation initiatives.

  • Scalability. Organizations need to strengthen their scale-up capabilities to handle exponential workload increases in a relatively short time, says Gartner.2 The ability to deliver on waves of change, by scaling resources up or down, can make or break an organization’s business stability. Approaches to achieve a scalable infrastructure include deploying a combination of converged, hyperconverged, hybrid, cloud and virtualized infrastructure to ensure your data is available when your business needs it.
  • Agility. According to Gartner, IT organizations with set infrastructure processes are missing out on opportunities to become more agile.3 To make a successful digital pivot, organizations must speed data center resource delivery, execution and innovation, shifting from project acquisition to project allocation. The goal is to gain access to IT resources immediately when you need them to meet your dynamic and rapidly changing business requirements.

Make these two strategies the foundation of your data center modernization goals. They provide a foundation for IT organizations looking to prepare themselves for the new normal and an uncertain future. Indeed, uncertain times call for proven, predictable and powerful solutions that allow businesses to digitally pivot to meet these challenges successfully.