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“Why” Hitachi Vantara?

Brian Householder

July 16, 2018

When you form a new, multibillion dollar company, you spend a lot of time thinking about its purpose. What are the opportunities? What are the challenges? It’s not easy. And you have to be passionate about it.

But how do you find that passion and then focus it? How do you communicate it to employees around the world as well as new talent considering a career at Hitachi Vantara? The answer is Why.

My Inspiration

Some of you out there have heard of Simon Sinek’s book called Start With Why, a global best-seller. Simon’s premise was that folks need to understand their Why. Why do they want to get out of bed in the morning? Why do they want to associate with certain companies? Emotionally, people need to know why. At the core, the Why is their inspiration.

I’ve been proud to be part of Hitachi for 15 years. I’m very clear on why I make my career choices. For me, it’s the people you work with, the opportunity to win, and the opportunity to contribute something much, much greater than yourself. That’s my Why.

Hitachi Vantara’s Why
As a company, we already knew our Why because that was the reason we wanted to unify three separate businesses as Hitachi Vantara. It really comes to our higher-level purpose: Changing the way the world works. It’s tightly aligned with Hitachi’s overall mission of Social Innovation to deliver outcomes that benefit business and society. That’s our double bottom-line and it’s why Hitachi Vantara is in business.

We see three key areas of our Why for Hitachi Vantara:

  • Our people, certainly. Our colleagues and our families, and people who count on us. Our customers and partners.
  • Our ability to leverage the power of Hitachi to have an impact on the world. That’s a core part of our Why.
  • Winning. It’s more than Hitachi Vantara winning, though certainly that’s part of it. How do we help our customers and our partners win? How do we actually deliver these data-driven innovations that benefit both business and society? This is exciting to all of us.

We have something unique here at Hitachi: a mission that is well above and beyond ourselves.

Our Team

Our mission requires a team effort. Business itself is the ultimate team sport. How do we all work together? How do we find and leverage our strengths and bring that power to bear to win and help our customers dominate their markets as well?

We have the opportunity to partner with our customers and help them disrupt their markets. We are trusted by innovative companies everywhere including the vast majority of the Fortune Global 100. It is an honor, privilege – and a responsibility – to make sure that we help our customers and partners deliver value for their customers. That’s why the drive to make something extraordinary happen every day is rooted deeply in our culture. With that drive, our talented teams are always pushing to be better, to never rest on our laurels, to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. And I want to be part of that success.

We’ll build that success together. Together with Hitachi Vantara, our partners and our customers.