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Hitachi Consulting, Advisory, Managed and Data & Analytics Services



Create and maintain a superior guest experience throughout the company’s global shopping malls



Harness data to deliver tailored experiences for guests.


Nurture customer loyalty, increase spend and maximize profitability for each shopping mall.


Most of the news stories you read about retail take a dim view of its future. But there’s one business that is definitively bucking that trend. Each year, this chain of shopping malls welcomes millions of guests from around the world. Providing state-of-the-art facilities and first-class services for a portfolio of retailers and brands is the key to enabling the company and its partners maximize their sales. 

This company is committed to delivering a superior in-person shopping experience—from Wi-Fi on arrival, to valet parking, personal shopping, and access to an exclusive lounge.  To guarantee a flawless experience, the company needs its IT systems to be extremely reliable. Even a few minutes of downtime could impact sales and customer loyalty. And to ensure that its malls always offer the right brands and products in the most appropriate formats, it’s critical to track and analyze data on guests’ behavior as they move through the mall and make their purchases in real-time.


The company’s technology strategy is a story of two parts. Early in its evolution, the main priorities were innovation and flexibility. To capture the top end of the market, its guest experience had to be better than the rest—which meant relying on the industry-standard functionality provided by off-the-shelf software wasn’t an option. A bespoke shopping experience required a bespoke IT solution.

The company’s partnership with Hitachi was initially established to develop and support its customer loyalty system. In addition to application development, the Hitachi team also provides extremely responsive support services to ensure total availability of core business systems, especially during critical periods such as the company’s sales events.

As the company has grown and expanded, its technology needs have also evolved. The focus now is on scalability and enterprise capabilities to ensure a consistently flawless standard of excellence across all its malls worldwide.

To support this evolution, Hitachi is now helping the company transition from its bespoke systems to an enterprise platform from Salesforce that will better support global operations and grow with the business. At the same time, Hitachi is helping the company improve its financial reporting capabilities with Oracle Financials.

This isn’t just a tactical relationship. Hitachi is also providing advisory services to help map out the company’s longer-term IT strategy. Meanwhile, future resource planning also ensures that the team always has the right technology expertise to deliver on the company’s roadmap.


The technology strategy that the company has established with Hitachi enables it to deliver exceptional guest experiences. For example, the company uses state-of-the-art Internet-of-Things sensors and analytics technology to track footfall across each of its locations. By analyzing how guests move, which stores they visit, and what they buy, the company can make smarter decisions about where to locate each of its brands to optimize guest flows and maximize sales.

The extraordinary care and attention that the company devotes to guest experience is paying off. It has seen substantial increases in visitor numbers since the pandemic, and its retail spaces are consistently profitable.

The partnership with Hitachi is going from strength to strength. Today, the two companies are working together to design, implement and optimize local solar generation facilities. The goal is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint  by 50% and provide a smooth charging experience for electric vehicles—combining sustainability with an even better guest experience that helps the company extend its advantage far beyond the reach of any competitor.

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